Birksun Solar Backpack Review: When Aesthetics Is As Good As Functionality

  • Fast Charging
  • Uses the latest solar panel technology
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in Battery can store up to 3000 MAH
  • Can also charge the battery for a wall socket
  • Slightly pricey compared to similar specs
  • Limited compartment size
  • An additional USB port would be better
  • May need direct exposure to sunlight to efficiently charge

Why Get A Solar Backack?

In this age wherein the rapid advancement of technology is seen everywhere. It is more than common that we use and depend on our laptops, cell phones, and gadgets whenever and wherever we are. The downside of our dependence is when the power of these gadgets runs out, our life also literally stops. Fortunately, solar backpacks like this creation of Birksun are now available to keep the power of our beloved gadgets last.

In this Birksun solar backpack review, we will discuss the things that make this product a great buy and if it is worth the hype. Most importantly, the reviews from people who had already bought the solar backpack will be also included to give you a different perspective on this product.

Key Features of Birksun Solar Backpack 

Fast Charging

Using the latest in solar panel technology, this backpack can create chargeable power in 2 minutes of sunlight exposure. This minimal 2 minute is already enough to charge a dead battery by 1%. Its efficiency ratio is much better compared to an ordinary solar panel device. The 3.25-watt monocrystalline battery can power any device at the same speed as a wall socket. The efficiency (shelf life)? of the solar panel can last up to 20 years.

A downside in the solar energy capture efficiency is the need to directly expose the solar panel battery to the sun for it to charge fast. Cloudy or rainy weather may be a hindrance in terms of its charging time. (Isnt this all the other solar powered gadgets?)


Birksun is well-known to produce gear that is made from premium quality materials. This solar backpack follows the tradition of utilizing soft but durable fabric that provides both comfort and protection to gadgets, laptops, and the like.


The Birksun solar backpacks come in with a variety of colors to choose from. However, it could be better if there would be more color and design variations to accommodate every user’s preference.


Weighing just 2.3 pounds, this solar panel backpack is comfortable to use and doesn’t look bulky with its 16” x 12” x 5” dimensions. The bag is also filled with smaller pockets to keep smaller gadgets and stuff well in place. The pockets are also designed to keep valuables protected especially when in the street or public places.

The storage is enough to fit a 15” laptop. A 17” laptop may need more room than what this backpack has to offer.

USB Ports

The solar-charged battery has a single USB port which means it can only accommodate a single device per charging.

Customer Reviews

I love Birksun

I love my Birksun backpack! It’s got practical pockets with some lined with soft material to protect valuables. I love that it is waterproof, I’m taking it on my ski trip!

Fantastic bag

This solar backpack does everything that is advertised! Strong, durable and waterproof (tested). Has so much space within the compartments and the solar panel works great and even works in little sunlight. The delivery was amazing considering I am in the UK and it only took 4 days is incredible. I would 100% recommend to anyone even considering getting one and will definitely grab another if needed.


This bag is so cute and so easy to use! Since I’ve gotten it I’ve taken it everywhere with me! I’m so in love with all its easy accessible compartments and their waterproof zippers! And that there is a soft compartment for your laptop. The panel works amazingly to charge pretty much any device.

Perfect for travel

Travel documents and laptop always safe, amazing plus that it charges your phone as well. The zipper is maybe a bit tricky if you’re opening the bag quickly, but otherwise, this was the best buy I’ve made all year.

Love it

It’s gone to the beach twice now. The padding on the back makes it so comfortable to wear. I’ve only used it once to charge my phone but it worked really well and charged my phone super-fast. I can’t wait to hike with it and fly with it. All my friends want one. I would totally recommend it.


The Birksun solar backpack offers comfort and reliable energy source while on the go. Its soft interior fabric offers protection to laptops and gadgets. The best feature of the backpack’s solar panels is its ability to charge as fast as the wall. Despite its few limitations, this product is still one of the best choices (value-wise) available today.

Bringing one of these in your travels and outdoor activities would surely come in handy and provide convenience whenever and wherever you are.

Solar Power Tent

Solar Power Tent

What is a Solar Powered Tent?

This thing will help the camper a lot, especially if you like to have some power supply in your camping.

These solar power tent have lights and even power outlets so you can charge your gadgets like tablets, laptops, and mobile phone.

How does a solar power tent works?

It’s equipped with large solar panels spanning three banks of the fly. You can also find a power bar inside where you can dock and charge four mobile phones or similar devices simultaneously..

Factors To Consider When Buying A Solar-Powered Tent

We created this guide to help you decide what’s best for you. One of the major factors to consider when choosing a solar tent is space.
Weather compatibility which is primarily intended for extreme conditions. Water resistant which should also consider double-walled tents and tents that have a ventilated rain fly. Any time for the setup and transportation of the tent, then a smaller and more lightweight tent with enough room for sleeping could be the smartest option.

Are they have this reasonable and affordable price?

taking the budget into consideration for a solar-powered tent is also important. But the price depends on how frequently you plan to camp and how comfortable you want to be while camping.

5 Top-Rated Solar-Powered Tents For Camping Enthusiasts

Do you love spending time with your family outdoors be it in the park, at the beach or in the woods? It’s a great outlet to bond and enjoy each other’s company.

If you love outdoors and enjoy camping, you’ll agree that the tent is a very important equipment. It provides us shelter and comfort.

Introducing Solar-Powered Tents

Did you know that new tents right now features new models such as solar-powered tents? This help the camper a lot, especially if you like to have some power supply in your camping.

These solar tents have lights and even power outlets so you can charge your gadgets like tablets, laptops, and mobile phone. Impressive right?

If you’re wondering what’s the best solar tent on the market, well we got you covered.

We’ll give you the best tents for campers in the next section to save you time from searching. Let’s get started.

Solar TentsPrice CheckRatings
Best UsePrice
High Quality Solar Power TentVisit Site5Hiking, Backpacking, Camping$
Orange Solar TentVisit Site4Festivals, Picnics, Camping, Hiking, Cycling (As long as you go there with a pickup truck)$$
Bang Bang Solar TentPrice Check4Backpacking, Mountaineering, Camping$$
Eddie Bauer’s KATABATIC SOLAR POWER TENTPrice Check5Camping, Hiking, Cycling$$$
Eureka Solar Intent TentPrice Check4Backpacking, Mountaineering, Camping$$

What Are The 5 Must-Have Solar Tents For Campers?

As mentioned above, there are several solar-powered devices that have been invented. However, this article will tackle and delve deeper into the best solar tents in the market.

So, if you’re looking for a solar tent that you can use on your next trip, then this article will help you choose the best that will suit your needs.

🏕️ High Quality Solar Power Tent

Considered the Earth’s most advanced pop-up tent, the High Quality Solar Power Tent promises to revolutionize the way you go camping.

This innovation is made by campers for campers and boasts a lot of space. It can withstand extreme weather and serves as a great source of power supply to charge your mobile phones.

The solar pack includes solar panel, data wire, lock and power bank. The tent’s solar pack will keep your phone and USB gadgets powered, thanks to its solar panel that sits on the roof of the tent and powers up even in indirect sunlight.

Crafted with a high-quality man-made material, black SunGard fly, and fiberglass poles, this solar tent is designed for convenient use and can be unfolded or torn down in seconds.


If folded, it’s in the form of a disc-shaped rucksack, which can measure from 70 to 90 centimeters in diameter and weigh from 5 to 9 kilograms, depending on the capacity of the tent (two-man, three-man or four-man).

It’s made from fully waterproof with 4000HH fabric. it’s also designed with comfortable and spacious living area, making it a perfect companion for hiking, backpacking, and camping.


Bigger than any other pop-up tent on the market, the High Quality Solar Power Tent is packed with all the features of a top-of-the-line dome tent.

It’s also technology-enhanced to give you our own power supply by utilizing the solar energy. So, to know more about the tent’s impressive features, read below.

The pack’s super cool 13,000 mAh LCD power bank can fully charge an iPhone six times with enough electricity storage. It has two USB ports, which will allow you to charge two devices simultaneously.

The solar panel is made from a flexible silicon-based material and has a waterproof junction box that can be left outside and withstand all weather conditions. It also provides enough power for two LED torches and LED pegs that are placed outside.

As for its other features, it’s also equipped with two canopy extensions and pole kits, two LED lanterns or torches, four LED tent pegs and two doors with storage bays.

It also has 20 light reflective guylines, a repair kit, 32 light, aluminum, bend-resistant tent peg and two mirrors with Velcro fastening.

There can also be a heat regulating and black out canopy that is made from the ultra-reflective material. It will work as a radiant barrier that will reflect heat from the sun and keep you cool inside your tent.

The two doors on the opposite sides as well as two windows increase comfort and airflow. The sun-protecting canopy, on the other hand, is located above the tent and leaves the tent’s interior in the shade.

Another feature mentioned above is the tent’s extending canopy that when stretch gives two large vestibule areas above each entrance. With these, the total floor area of this tent extends by 75 percent.

The most important are that it provides fair enough juice for two LED torches and LED pegs which are placed outside.

  • Big and spacious
  • Weather-resistant
  • Great Ventilation
  • Masterpiece of technical design
  • Cozy, easy to pop up and pack
  • Durable
  • Cheap

The High Quality Solar Power Tent is indeed one of the most top-rated and highly suggested solar-powered tents for campers. With its impressive features and specifications, it’s all worth the price.

Designed for durability, convenience, and rugged weather conditions, one could never go wrong in choosing this tent.

🏕️ Orange Solar Tent

If you’re looking for a solar tent that is great for festivals or during camping, Orange Solar Tent is a smart choice.

Even though staying outdoors would mean living a carefree nomadic lifestyle, the Orange Solar Tent could help you achieve a full-on glam camping style.

They created an innovative solar tent, with the product design concept — the Orange Solar Tent. This is an earth-friendly solution that allowed festival goers to power up their camping devices.



The solar tent allows you to charge smartphones and other portable electronic devices. The tent is made of photovoltaic fabric and synthetic canopy.

It’s also packed with RFID-activated lighting, underfloor heating, a Wi-Fi touch screen and induction charger.

With the detachable flexible solar panel it easy to use and you can always have sunlight at any angle. The tent is also very easy to pack and very convenient to carry.


As for the tent’s features, it’s equipped with large solar panels spanning three banks of the fly. You can also find a power bar inside where you can dock and charge four mobile phones or similar devices simultaneously.

With its photovoltaic cells, which will collect most of the energy from the sunlight beamed at the tent, it will leave the interior shaded and chill. Since the product is still under development, only a little information has been provided about this solar-powered tent.

  • Efficient
  • High Quality
  • Compact
  • Charges 4 mobile phones or similar devices simultaneously
  • None

This solar tent’s release gave an opportunity for campers to procure a tent that helps them in their power supply needs outdoors. So, if a light weight and small tent doesn’t bother you, then the Orange Solar Tent can be perfect for you.

🏕️ Bang Bang Solar Tent

Source: Amazon

If you’re searching for a flashy alternative to your boring camping gear, then the Bang Bang Solar Tent might be what you’re looking for.

This is a popular tent for millennials and families who want to enjoy the experience of staying outdoors without disconnecting from the world. With large extensions, it’s able to sleep four persons very comfortably.

Created by former MTV festival presenter Rob Bertucci, the concept of the tent came after he got tired of losing his way in a multitude of tents at festivals and wanted a way to stand out.

Since Bertucci was also worried about his gadgets’ batteries running out, he made sure to design a tent that can generate enough electricity to power computers, phones, cameras and speakers to keep the enjoyment during festivals.


Designed with bright colors and integrated solar panels, Bang Bang Tents are four-person tents that come in six different styles. These styles include grass, chopped wood, butterflies, psychedelic jelly bean, mandala or geometric patterns.

Made from breathable polyester walls, highly resistant ripstop and water-resistant polyester fly, the tents are crafted to be long-lasting and easy set-up. Hence, it should stand up to a rainstorm or extreme heat from the sun.


Source: Bang Bang Tents

Equipped with a solar panel that can be slid into a pouch on the exterior of the tent, the 62 square feet Bang Bang tent easily attracts attention.

Each tent also comes with a 5-Watt solar panel that charges a lithium battery bank that has a USB charging adapter and can charge most low voltage devices.

The light passes its large doors that are kept dry under the fly but much of the sunlight goes through the walls.

Moreover, the tent is also equipped with a 5,000mAh power bank, which is enough to charge an iPhone twice and let the LED lantern illuminates the interior for several hours. Unfortunately, the lanterns are sold separately.

The solar panel and battery backup can also charge cameras, phones or computers, or even use them to run speakers.

  • Highly resistant
  • Durable
  • Comfortable and stylish

If you want to ditch your boring camping gear for a unique and flashy alternative, then Rob Bertucci’s Bang Bang Solar Tents are great options.

With a tent designed for mega outdoor events such as music festivals, these colorful solar-powered tents might be worthy for consideration to break away from the monotony of life.

So, whether you’re planning to camp over the next music or sports event, Bang Bang tents would definitely make you stand out from all of the rest.

🏕️ Eddie Bauer’s KATABATIC Solar Power Tent

Source: Pinterest

Hailed as the winner of the National Geographic’s 2012 Gear of the Year Award and the winner of Backpacker Magazine’s 2012 Editor’s Choice Snow Award.

The KATABATIC Solar Power Tent is a three- person, four-season expedition tent that can withstand the world’s most hostile environments.

This was the brainchild of renowned outdoor gear maker Eddie Bauer in collaboration with Goal Zero. It’s equipped with high-quality power supply equipment installed.

The product also brags its extremely strong construction and its ultra-light weight even with all that power supply equipment. This solar power tent is commonly used by expedition outfitters.


The KATABATIC Solar Power Tent is specially made for outfitters. It’s designed with double-wall construction for condensation control. Its two vestibule design aims to provide extra space and storage.

In addition, the tent also boasts its Y-Fly design, which sheds snow, increases load strength and keeps the fly sheet quiet even in the nastiest winds.

Its steep walls, on the other hand, maximize the floor space without compromising its floor design. The tent’s stretch hexagon floor area can also accommodate plenty of cargo but vestibules are also available.

This high-end tent is also made from well-chosen materials (40D ripstop nylon, 20D polyester mesh; for its rainfly — its 40D ripstop-coated nylon while the poles are aluminum)


Apart from its impressive design, the KATABATIC Solar Energy Tent also features an energy pack that has a power rating of 18 Watts, which is enough to power up some mobile devices and provides for a lamp at night.

In the case when direct sunlight is unavailable, the tent is equipped with Sherpa 50 mighty battery pack with 5,200 mAh capacity.

The battery pack, which offers a flexibility to store energy, can be charged by a power source or using the tent’s solar panel. When the battery pack is full, it can fully charge two average smartphones or similar devices. It also have enough power to illuminate a lantern.

  • Attachment point for interior LED lamp
  • LOTS of interior storage pockets
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Sturdy
  • Footprint does not include the vestibules
  • Front door fitment is smaller
  • Heavy

Overall, the KATABATIC Solar Panel Tent has no major drawbacks. it’s a small-panel tent that accentuates mobility and easy set up.

However, the front door fitment should be somewhat larger and there should be some mesh windows too. Fortunately, these issues do not affect the fact that the KATABATIC Solar Panel Tent is a remarkable backpacking solar tent.

🏕️ Eureka 3-Season Solar InTent

Source: Amazon

If you’re looking for a solar tent with its own electric illumination, then the Eureka 3-Season Solar InTent is perfect for you. The product also brags its amazing portability and spacious room.

Since the Solar InTent has inherited much from the Eureka’s military tent development experience, it brags some impressive features.

With its highly mechanical resistant materials on the walls, floor and fly and the StormShield technology, this is certainly a well-engineered tent.

Aside from that, its 121 square feet floor area, ensures the tent as one of the roomiest backpacking tents in the market. Eureka also promises there will be no tear and wear.

As for its energy equipment, the solar panel that is meant to be positioned at the top can receive eight hours of sunlight for an equal amount of LED illumination of the interior using a special lantern developed for military purposes.


Designed to have the same virtually indestructible solar panels found in military tents.

The Eureka 3-Season Solar InTent is made of 75D 185T polyester walls, 75D 185T StormShield polyester fly, and 75D 210T polyester taffeta flooring.

This is a dome tent that can accommodate 4 to 6 persons. It’s highly resistant fly is also designed to cater for the window when open.

The tent weighs 16 pounds and 8 ounces. As for its floor area, it measures 11×11 feet (121 square feet) and standing 6 feet 6 inches tall at the center.


For a short summary of its features, the Eureka 3-Season Solar InTent is equipped with a 12.7 millimeters fiberglass frame with easy setup clips, pin &amp.

It also has ring assembly, shock corded poles, 800 millimeters 75-denier polyester taffeta walls and bathtub-style floor, 75-denier StormShield rainfly that protects you from weather elements.

This tent is made up of 3 vents, 1 window with 50-denier no-see-um mesh for bug-free breathable comfort, 4 gear loft loops, 1 flashlight loop, 2 storage pockets and LED light that uses 3 included AAA batteries.

  • Durable and portable
  • Spacious
  • Has its own internal lighting that has adjustable brightness settings
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible solar panels
  • Splash-proof
  • Easily assembled


Just like the previous solar-powered tent, the Eureka 3-Season Solar InTent is so popular. So, if you’re planning to take your family camping trip (or with friends) to the next level, then get this tent.

It can easily be assembled, durable, lightweight and splash-proof solar-powered tent, perfect for those in need of power in their camps.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Solar-Powered Tent

Camping or just simply exploring the beauty of nature can be both enjoyable and stressful activity for couples, groups of friends or the whole family.

But in order for an outdoor activity to be considered a camping, you need to sleep outdoors in the forest or countryside. That’s why most campers bring along a tent for shelter and for a more comfortable experience.

Choosing the ideal solar-powered tent can sometimes be painstakingly irksome. Notably, this is true when you’re not equipped with all the needed information to make a smart choice.

Thus, we created this guide to help you decide what’s best for you. We will be giving you a list of factors to consider before purchasing a solar-powered camping tent.

1. Space

One of the major factors to consider when choosing a solar tent is space. it’s a must to consider if it can accommodate your entire family, your group of friends or perhaps it’s just for one or two people.

Along with space, you should also consider the size of the individuals who will be using the tent and whether if you’re planning to store a gear or cargo inside the tent.

Always remember, the label on the tent that says it’s good for two or three or six persons does not often ensure adequate room for the stated number of people.

So if you’re planning to bring any items into the tent or if your friends are tall and broad, then it’s best to choose a tent that can accommodate many persons.

It should also accommodate as many personal things such as mattresses and sleeping pads or bags, among others. Though, it can leave little room for comfortable sleeping positions, leaving you to endure a cramped and stuffy night.

Aside from the size of the campers, the duration of the camping trip is also an important thing to remember in choosing the correct size of the tent.

2. Weather Compatibility

Another factor to consider is weather compatibility, which means a solar-powered tent should be compatible with the weather in which it will be used.

With that said, the tent falls into several different weather-related categories including summer (one-season) tents, two or three-season tents, four-season tents and expedition (five-season) tents.

If you’re an avid camper, then you probably know the weather you’ll encounter is more extreme than predicted. So, it’s best to be prepared for any scenario.

For a summer tent, it’s usually lightweight and can’t withstand any weather that is more severe than a gentle rain. it’s equipped with mesh panels, a ventilated rain fly, which allow for plenty of airflow and two support poles. This feature is significant, especially during summer days and nights.

If you’re planning to camp up in areas bathed in direct sunlight, polyester tents are the best choices, considering the material’s high resistance to UV rays.

For two or three-season tents, on the other hand, they work well through spring, summer, and fall, as long as the autumn weather must not be too cold.

These types of tents can also handle summer shower, a storm or a surprise snowfall but it may not hold up under heavy snow.

These tents have less ventilation capability compared to a summer tent and usually have three support poles but they may also have extra features such as vestibule or skylight.

As for a four-season tent, the name itself suggest that it’s designed to withstand four seasons or cold weather, wind, rain, and snow. Generally, these tents have a skylight, 4 poles, mesh windows with zipping covers and an optional vestibule.

The last but not the least is the expedition (or five-season) tent, which is primarily intended for extreme conditions.

Take note, especially for those campers climbing a mountain. These tents can also endure dropping temperatures, hard rain, strong wind and heavy snow.

3. Water Resistance

Another vital factor to consider is the ability of a tent to handle moisture inside and out. In fact, it really can be an unpleasant surprise if it suddenly rains during a trip and your tent is not designed for it.

That is why campers and buyers should look for a seam-taped tent with a waterproof top that will effectively prevent leaks.

A tent with a waterproof floor and a waterproofing treatment that reaches about four to six inches up the sides of the tent is also a good choice as it prevents rainwater from coming in under the edges of the tent and soaking those inside it.

Since condensation can really be a major issue, buyers should also consider double-walled tents and tents that have a ventilated rain fly.

Tents equipped with a sunshade allow the door to be partially unzipped for better airflow during a rainfall.

4. Easy Transportation and Setup

Source: Alibaba

If campers don’t want to waste any time for the setup and transportation of the tent, then a smaller and more lightweight tent with enough room for sleeping could be the smartest option.

So if you’re kayaking, hiking, or mountain biking to the campsite, a large tent is really not advisable.

Although the weight difference has lessened with the development of new materials and designs, larger tents are often heavier.

And with solar-powered tents that some are made from fiberglass tent poles, these could be heavier and stronger. Those made from aluminum, however, offer a lightweight but less durable option.

Furthermore, nylon tent fabrics also tend to be lighter compared polyester but they do not offer the same level of UV resistance.

If weight is an issue, campers should consider a nylon tent with aluminum poles, as long as there will be no heavy wind and storms.

As for easy to set-up, doing research online and reading reviews on a specific brand or style of the tents are very important. The reason, the candid opinions of other buyers can be vital in choosing the right tent for your needs.

5. Reasonable or Affordable Price

In addition to the aforementioned factors, taking the budget into consideration for a solar-powered tent is also important. But the price depends on how frequently you plan to camp and how comfortable you want to be while camping.

For frequent campers, they usually invest more in a durable tent that meets all their camping needs while those who rarely camp usually choose tents that are less expensive.

However, it’s important to take note that large tents normally have a pricier cost as they offer spacious accommodation and comfortability.

If you’re looking for stability and affordability, then dome tents are a popular choice among campers. Screen tents are also inexpensive and offer some shelter from sun, insects and light rain but they are really not designed for sleeping.


There may be too many choices when it comes to solar-powered tents but the bottom line is to choose a product that really suits your needs.

The list above includes the best solar tents on the market and it’s a good start to check out which among those make it into your requirements.

Taking into consideration the factors, the product’s features, advantages, and disadvantages will help in your decision-making.

So, are you ready to choose one? Which among the solar tents above tickles your interest? Have you tried other brands not mentioned above? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

What Are The Top-Rated Solar Starter Kits In 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Source: Amazon

If you’re planning to lower your monthly electricity bills by using a solar power starter kit, then you should have an idea about the basics solar power starter kit, then you should have an idea about the basics.

For starters, the basic components of a solar power kit are solar panels, battery, controller charger and an inverter.

Its main function is to work as a backup or an alternative source of energy when power outages or emergencies occur.

There are several types of solar starter kits in the market today. But take note, not all of them may be suitable for your needs or energy requirements.

5 Top-Rated Solar Starter Kits in 2017

The solar power industry has undeniably started to boom in the United States. In fact, living off the grid in a sustainable way is not impossible anymore.

So, if you’re among those who are committed to a more sustainable living and cost-efficient electricity, then these solar starter kits will help you.

Solar Starter KitPrice CheckRatingIdeal Daily Output (Watt Hours)Price
Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit Price Check4.5500Wh$
WindyNation 100 Watt Solar Panel Off-Grid RV Boat KitPrice Check4.5350Wh$
Goal Zero 42011 Sherpa 100 Solar Recharging KitPrice Check498Wh$$
Grape Solar GS-400-KIT 400-Watt Off-Grid Solar Panel KitPrice Check4.51,200Wh$$$
Komaes 400 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter KitPrice Check42,000Wh$$

1. Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Solar Starter Kit

Source: Amazon

Considered the excellent starter kit to begin a solar energy living, the Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Solar Starter Kit produces an ideal output of 500Wh per day. It provides several benefits such as quiet power production and grid independence.

Specifically designed to customers that are new to solar energy usage. The Renogy starter kit comes as a top choice, thanks to its great power output.

It also comes with the tools necessary for a new solar power system, including a Renogy 100W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel, a 30A PWM Wanderer Charge Controller, a 20ft 10AWG MC4 Adaptor Kit, an 8ft 10AWG Tray Cable and a set of Z-brackets.

One of the outstanding features of this solar power kit’s the wattage, which allows it to recharge RVs, boats, sheds, cabins and other large items.

This panel also comes with an excellent 25-year warranty for power output. In addition, a 5-year material and workmanship warranty are also present, making the kit satisfactory and a worthy investment.

It’s crafted with bypass diodes to minimize power drop caused by shade. It also ensures excellent performance even in low-light environments.

📌 Made from high purity silicon, the kit’s solar panel is durable with high solar cell efficiency (monocrystalline 18.4 percent, polycrystalline 17.9 percent).

Moreover, it can also withstand even heavy winds and snow at the same time producing electricity in low-light settings. Its corrosion-resistant aluminum frame allows the panels to be long-lasting while its TPT back sheet ensures smooth performance for a long period of time.

The Renogy kit, which is sealed, gel and flooded charging algorithm ready, guarantees no hot-spot heating and EL (Electroluminescence) tested solar modules.

Its IP65-rated junction box, on the other hand, provides complete protection against environmental particles and low pressure water jets.

Its 4-Stage battery charging process ensures a rapid, efficient and safe battery charging. The device is also equipped with pre-drilled holes, which are found at the back of the panel, that allow for fast and secure mounting.

As for the kit’s Renogy Wanderer 30A PWM Charge Controller, it’s equipped with multiple electronic protections for overcharging, overload, short-circuit and reversed polarity.

The controller is also a perfect solution for future expansions, allowing you to expand your system up to a maximum of 400W.

Meanwhile, the negative grounding controller ensures the broader off grid applications and safety, especially to be used on a vehicle that has battery negative on the chassis.

But you might need a little extra investment on the right charge controller so it’s like a generator with a much higher return and prevent system failure.

Even though the Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit’s an excellent choice for starters, it does not include a battery and the monocrystalline cells increase the cost. Its charge controller also needs an upgrade to optimize the efficiency of its solar panels.

In comparison with the WindyNation 100 Watt Solar Panel Off-Grid RV Boat Kit, the Renogy kit offers a much higher output of 500Wh than WindyNation’s 350Wh. Other than that, their features are almost similar to each other.

  • Great solar panels
  • Easy hook up instructions
  • Quality Construction
  • Great value
  • Easy, reliable, intuitive and safe
  • Charge controller setup should be easier
  • Charge controller needs to optimize its panel’s efficiency
  • Aluminum cable should be replaced with 10 AWG copper

2. WindyNation 100 Watt Solar Panel Off-Grid RV Boat Kit

Source: Amazon

Perfect for backup power or off-grid power system solutions, the WindyNation 100 Watt Solar Panel Off-Grid RV Boat Kit attracts owners of RV’s and boats.

It offers an average of 350 Watt hours or 33 Amp hours of charge per day, depending on the availability of the sunlight.

The kit includes the basic components of a solar power starter kit:

  • 100-Watt solar panel
  • User adjustable LCD 30-Amp solar charge controller Battery temperature sensor
  • 40 ft. of UL listed 12 AWG solar cable
  • MC4 Connectors for wiring
  • 4 Solar Panel Mounting Brackets
  • Fastener Sets

To harness the sun’s free energy, it’s also equipped with a 12 volt battery and a DC-to-AC inverter. The WindyNation 100 Watt Solar Charging Kit’s one of the best solutions for providing back-up power or off-grid power.

📌 The WindyNation 100 Watt Solar Panel Off-Grid RV Boat Kit offers up to 100 Watts of clean, renewable and free power. However, the downside for this type of kit’s the fact that it’s a low-end model and has certain limitations.

Compared to the Goal Zero 42011 Sherpa 100 Solar Recharging Kit, the WindyNation is far better when it comes to its ideal power output of 350Wh per day. it’s also much cheaper compared to the Goal Zero system.

Aside from the aforementioned features, the kit also boasts premium grade PWM solar charge controller with digital display, which details the system information:

  • Solar panel charging amperage
  • Battery voltage, battery temperature
  • Amperage of load draw (if a load is connected)
  • Solar generated amp-hours to battery

System settings such as solar disconnect and load disconnect voltages are user adjustable through the charge controller’s MODE and UP and DOWN buttons.

  • Controller is far superior than others
  • Battery temperature sensor is a great feature
  • Adjustable settings
  • Versatile and well-built
  • Great sunlight operation
  • Good quality construction
  • Easy to install
  • Poor wording on being a complete starter kit
  • Missing documentation on user manual
  • Battery temperature wiring quite on the short side
  • No inline fuse holder included

3. Goal Zero 42011 Sherpa 100 Solar Recharging Kit

Source: Amazon

Known as a versatile, rugged and reliable portable solar kit source, the Goal Zero 42011 Sherpa 100 Solar Recharging Kit could be as adventurous as you need it to be.

With its included solar panel, it allows you to charge all your electronic gears and devices for a complete off-the-grid power.

Designed to charge all your devices, the kit’s equipped with a Goal Zero Sherpa 100 power pack, a Nomad 20-Watt solar panel and a Sherpa 100-Watt bolt-on inverter.

It also comes with a versatile range of ports including two ultra-fast, smart USBs for mobile phones and tablets, a 12V port for lights, an innovative port specifically for laptops and a detachable AC inverter for DSLR cameras.

This can also be charged in three ways — from the wall by being plugged into a regular wall outlet or plugging into a 12V adapter car and/or with the included Goal Zero Nomad 20 solar panel to harness the free energy from the sun.

📌 As for the kit’s Nomad 20 Solar Panel, it’s an additional foldable panel to help collect sunlight and manufacture solar power.

It comes with a portable power pack or a built-in USB port to help charge the same type of gear possible to charge through the Sherpa 100. The system’s overall capacity is 20 watts but the battery itself can hold approximately 98Wh.

Despite its notable features and functions, Goal Zero 42011 Sherpa 100 Solar Recharging Kit has a major downside when it comes to its cost. It’s overpriced and a car charger is not included as a standard accessory.

For those who have already purchased this kit, it needs improvement as the battery capacity is quite small, as well as the pouch in the solar panel.

Among the solar kits listed, the Goal Zero 42011 Sherpa 100 Solar Recharging Kit has the lowest output capacity. But in spite of its low output, it delivers a powerful and reliable performance. it’s also long-lasting and provides great versatility.

  • Versatile, rugged and outdoor friendly
  • Solar panel is designed tough, durable and waterproof
  • Small, light and powerful
  • Not compatible for Macs or iPhones
  • Not so efficient inverter
  • Charger is not waterproof
  • Quite expensive

4. Grape Solar GS-400-KIT 400-Watt Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit

Source: Amazon

Ideal for charging your portable electronic devices, the Grape Solar GS-400-KIT 400-Watt Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit’s a durable, easy to maintain and effective solar panel kit that has become a popular choice among those who wanted to live off the grid or with sustainable and cost-efficient power source.

It’s also ideal for a variety of applications such as small pumps, operating LED lights, RVs, boats, 12V battery charging and charging small electronic devices like phones and cameras.

Made with relatively high energy efficiency of 18 percent crystalline solar cells for long-lasting service, this solar kit’s strong and well-designed. It has impact resistance and can withstand more than 50 pounds in a wind load or snow load.

It’s installed on rooftops or ground systems and comes with a 10-year limited product warranty and a 25-year power output warranty. it’s also easy to install and virtually maintenance-free.

Thanks to its anodized aluminum frame and a sealed junction box, it made the panel weatherproof for outdoor use while a two diode bypass minimizes power drop caused by shade. The power system provides approximately 1,200-watt hours or 100 amp hours of charge per day.

The panels also have MC4 connectors on the positive and negative leads for a secure, weather-tight connection. It also offers high transmittance, low iron tempered glass provides durability and enhanced impact resistance.

📌 The solar power kit can be used with on-grid systems and it includes:

  • 4-piece Grape Solar GS-STAR-100W polycrystalline solar panels
  • 35 Amp Xantrex charge controller
  • 2,000-watt pure-sine Xantrex inverter
  • Two outlets
  • 1 USB port
  • Cables and manual

As for Xantrex C35 Charge Controller, it’s the heart of the 100-series kits due to its versatility and reliability. It’s a PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) charge controller that will work with both 12V and 24V battery banks. This charge controller also makes the 100-Watt kit an expandable solar starter kit to a 400-Watt.

The kit’s Xantrex PROwatt SW 2000 Inverter, on the other hand, offers several safety features that are not found in other similar inverters such as its True Since-Wave AC output of 2,000 watts.

With high surge capability, the PROwatt SW 2000 provides the necessary current to startup demanding electrical loads such as variable speed power tools, advanced electrical appliances, microwaves and much more.

In addition to dual GFCI AC receptacles, the PROwatt SW 2000 is also equipped with an innovative USB connection for providing power to most USB chargeable devices like smartphones, speakers, and cameras.

The Grape Solar GS-400-KIT 400-Watt Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit has definitely met and exceeded the expectations of many consumers except for the fact that the kit lacks storage batteries and mounting hardware.

The kit also represents a quarter of its cost as you may still need to purchase panel racks, battery box, battery vent system, grounding systems, extra wire and MC4 connectors and a conduit, among many others.

The Grape Solar GS-400-KIT 400-Watts Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit’s by far the most expensive solar starter kit in our list. It also delivers one of the highest ideal output of 1,200Wh per day. it’s also one of the top-rated kits that brags good quality and easy installation.

  • Quality components
  • Good manual instructions and diagrams
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Wiring should be longer
  • MC4 connectors are quite unfit

5. Komaes 400 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit

Source: Amazon

Promises to provide a clean, quiet and renewable alternative power source, the Komaes 400 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit’s capable of offering a steady supply of electricity — be it rural, industrial or commercial applications or at home.

It’s packed with four 12V monocrystalline solar panels, 20A PWM charge controller, one pair of Solar MC4 connectors and a pair of 20-feet 13AWG Adaptor Kit MC4 solar cables.

The kit boasts its high modules conversion efficiency and its ideal output of 2,000-watt hours per day, depending on the amount and the availability of sunlight. It also has a long service life and high-efficiency solar cells.

The kit’s also notable for its special anodized aluminum frame design that is high corrosion resistant and can last up to 25 years (service life).

Moreover, it’s equipped with grade-A monocrystalline silicon battery for efficient power conversion. It’s designed with a tempered glass that offers 93 percent light transmittance.

📌 With its advanced cell encapsulation, it’s ideal for:

  • Solar power stations
  • 12V and 24V battery charging system
  • Traffic/security/gas industry power supply
  • Camping tents

The device also brags the neat welding and the pre-drilled holes at the back of the panel for fast mounting and securing. The solar panel, on the other hand, automatically keeps the battery charged as long as it’s exposed to direct sunlight.

Compared to the other solar kits in the list, the Komaes 400 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit offers the highest ideal daily output of 2,000Wh. it’s also less expensive than other kits of similar types.

  • Efficient power conversion
  • Long-lasting service life
  • Neat welding (solar panels)
  • Easy installation and eco-friendly
  • Works even with winter sun
  • High corrosion resistance


What Does A Solar Power Starter Kit Include?

The sun is a huge battery of power and through the advancements of technology, we have learn how to harness this energy. And today, building efficient and sustainable homes has become a common trend.

In fact, many have opted to install solar power starter kits in their homes for maximum energy efficiency and to promote a green approach to electricity.

So for starters, it’s a must to know what the basic components of a solar kit are. Hence, we provided a brief overview below.

1. Photovoltaic Solar Panels – These are large, flat panels that absorb and convert the energy from the sun into electricity.

2. Mounting Brackets – These will help you secure the panels to a surface, such as a roof or any area that is exposed to the sun.

3. Inverter – It converts the DC electricity that generated by the solar panels into the type of AC current that powers lights and appliances.

4. Battery – it’s used to store energy over time, giving you a free reign to use your device anytime and anywhere. However, the battery pack systems are often sold separately.

5. Cables – These are the wirings you’ll need to connect all the components of your solar power starter kits together.


With all the types of solar-powered starter kits in the market today, it’s best to determine what you’re really looking for and the power you needed

Take note of the specifications you want and the devices you wish to power because you’ll just be burning money if you choose the trial and error concept.

When planning to go solar, it’s also best to do it in small increments. For instance, starting out with the Renogy solar starter kit could be a smart move.

And once you have become accustomed or comfortable with it, it would be much easier to upgrade to larger solar power systems.

But of course, installing a solar power kit also comes with unique challenges. Even though experts said all panels should face true south, you still have to figure out the best position for your panels to capture the most amount of sunlight based on your latitude.

It’s also a common mistake to install the kit on shaded areas, so make sure to place the panels in fully exposed areas or under direct sunlight.

As for the size, it’s smart to choose the lower end of the scale if you just want to power an outdoor, motion-activated light for your shed.

If you want to power an entire cabin, however, then you need a higher-end solar power system.

Have you chosen the best solar power starter kit that suit your needs? Or do you already have one? If yes, feel free to share your experiences on your solar kits in the comments section below.

What Are The 5 Top-Rated Solar Generators In 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Source: Alternative Energy Inc

Solar generators are systems that capture the sun’s energy through its photovoltaic (PV) panels. These usually consist of batteries, a charge regulator, and an inverter.

Solar generators have become increasingly common today as they have turned to be a convenient energy source that is both clean and renewable.

Who will not get frustrated when all of the sudden, you run out of power or electricity? But if you’re not yet ready to give up your primary source of power with solar electricity, why not use this as a backup power instead.

There is really no absolute reason as to why we should not use solar power, especially in staying outdoors, off the grid or during emergencies.

Below is a comprehensive list of the best solar-powered generators in the market.

5 Top-Rated Solar-Powered Generators

Due to the technological advancements, we have gained access to solar energy, a free energy that you can take anywhere you go.

There will be times local utility companies may fail us but solar energy generation (via solar generators) could help us prepare for the worst circumstances — be it a bad storm, power outages, in cases of emergencies or during outdoor activities.

However, choosing or buying a good solar generator is never a walk in the park. That is why we are here to help you decide in choosing the best by listing the best solar-powered generators that available in the market.

Solar GeneratorsPrice CheckRatingCapacityPrice
Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar GeneratorPrice Check41250 Watts + 2 x 30 Watts (Solar Panels)$$$
Wagan Solar E Power Cube 1500 Solar GeneratorPrice Check4.51500 Watts + 5 x 16 Watts (Solar Panels)$$$
Renogy Firefly All-in-One Solar Generator KitPrice Check4.5150 Watts + 20 Watts (Solar Panel)$
Anker PowerHouse Solar GeneratorPrice Check4434 Watt Hour$
Kalisaya KP601 KaliPAK 558-Watt Hour Portable Solar Generator SystemPrice Check5558 Watt Hour$$

There is a wide range of solar generators in the market and when choosing what’s best for you, it’s important that you should first determine what your energy needs are.

If you’re going camping, then a portable one is highly suggested. For those planning to live off the grid, get bigger ones that are capable to power important and critical appliances. The capacity of the generator also varies — from 150-Watt capacity to 5,000-Watt capacity.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the best solar generators in the market today. Check it out and see for yourself.

1. Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator

Source: Amazon

The Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator is a powerful portable solar generation device. It’s the best kit for safe and silent power generation.

It is a good indoor or outdoor backup for critical appliances such as freezers, fans, refrigerators, and home health care equipment including a CPAP machine. It also provides clean, self-sustaining power generation from sun, wall or car.

Known as the strongest solar generator in the Goal Zero’s Yeti line, it’s designed with durable panels, tempered glass and aluminum frame, which allows you to get more wattage to work with.

So, if you’re sick and tired of noise and fumes, we assure you the Yeti 1250 is silent and safe, even if you want to operate it indoors. Aside from utilizing it as a backup power source, it’s also ideal for tailgating, light duty construction, and emergencies.

The Yeti 1250 also boasts its LCD Battery Display, which comes handy when charging your gear. There are a variety of devices that can be charged using the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 such as smartphones, digital cameras, E-readers, lights, tables, laptops, tents, refrigerators, MP3 players and other 12V appliances.

📌 When it comes to its notable features, this generator is expandable, allowing you to add more solar panels to decrease the time it normally takes for it to be fully charged.

This also designed to charge through a wall outlet for 18 hours or a car 12V charger for 44 hours when the sun is not present. Though, make sure to purchase 8.0 millimeters to a 12V charger.

The Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator is equipped with 2 Boulder 30 solar panels that can charge the generator in 24 hours when combined.

This portable backup power device also uses a Group 31, 12V/100 Ah sealed lead-acid battery, which should be kept full at all times.

For cold weather usage (below freezing temperatures), it’s recommended to keep the generator in an insulated cooler and connected to a power source (solar panel). This way, the battery capacity will be kept at its highest.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit larger compared to other generators of similar type. Just like Wagan Solar E Power Cube 1500, these two generators won’t actually be very practical to carry around due to its weight and size.

Even though both are classified under solar generators, the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator is basically not a solar generator but a huge power backup system, which needs extra solar panels to make it a solar one.

So, the Goal Zero type only becomes a generator when solar panels are attached to it.

  • Silent and safe
  • Safe to operate indoors, no cords
  • Easy to move around with the included rolling cart
  • Power plugs are good
  • Quite expensive
  • Heavy
  • No alarm for when the battery is about to die
  • Battery indicator doesn’t update
  • Solar panels not rated well

2.Wagan Solar E Power Cube 1500 Solar Generator

Source: Amazon

The Wagan Solar E Power Cube 1500 Solar Generator claims to be the ultimate portable power source. it’s extremely user-friendly and no connections are required.

Furthermore, this all-in-one renewable portable solar generator solution is ready to use soon after it’s out of the box.

Ideal for an au fait consumer, this portable solar generator is equipped with several useful built-in features. It includes the highest number of solar panels that are capable of delivering all the power you need.

What’s more remarkable about the Wagan model is its relatively lengthy 2-year warranty. Its battery is also entitled to a six-month warranty.

The solar panels produce 16 Watts of energy at 17 percent efficiency while the AC inverter can provide a maximum of 1,500 Watts output power capacity with 3,600 Watts peak surge.

Additional panels can also be connected via its terminals to boost more power up to 80 Watts. It has internal 10A solar controller and a built-in 55 Ah AGM/Gel hybrid battery that could be charged using the included two 115V AC or two 12V accessory vehicle DC outlets.

In addition, it’s equipped with two 5V/2.1 amp USB power ports and a digital LED voltmeter display, which could be used for checking battery status.

📌 This device brags portability and convenience, thanks to its all-terrain wheels and a heavy-duty handle.

When it comes to the solar generator’s performance, the device has a total of 5 mono-crystalline solar panels that is placed in a convenient fold out storage compartment that could be useful for additional accessories.

For its charging time, the initial AC could charge up to 24 hours and if under direct sunlight, it takes up to 18 hours to fully charge.

As for what kind of electronics and appliances the generator could power up, the device can charge several types of electronic equipment:

  • Laptops, tablets, iPads, smartphones
  • Wireless router
  • Televisions, projectors, DVD players
  • Refrigerators, freezers
  • Satellite phones
  • Game console
  • Electric grill, microwave
  • Lighting, warmer
  • Portable stereo, speakers, and radio
  • Other gadgets, devices or appliances

Even though the Wagan Solar E Power Cube Solar Generator is a must-have for those who love the great outdoors, it’s not much friendly for all your outdoor adventures.

Fortunately, the device can be perfect for developing nations and places prone to hurricanes and other natural disasters or calamities.

It’s also a perfect investment when it comes to security and military needs and for those who just wanted to enjoy life off the grid.

In comparison to the Goal Zero Yeti 1250, the Wagan E-Cube 1500 integrates a total of 80-Watt solar panels. It also provides 1500Wh of energy while the Yeti offers 1250Wh.

They also differ when it comes to their battery packs as the Wagan has a 100Ah AGM/Gel hybrid battery while Yeti had an AGM 100Ah sealed Lead-Acid battery.

  • Has collapsible handle and wheels for easy support
  • Fold-up compact design
  • One of the most expensive generators
  • Produces modified Sine waves

3. Renogy Firefly All-in-One Solar Generator Kit

Source: Amazon

If you’re one mobile outdoor junkie, then the Renogy Firefly All-in-One Solar Generator Kit is perfect for you!

With the power combination of a solar and generator in just one single durable and waterproof briefcase, running out of power in your portable electronic gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones or tablets will definitely be the least of your worries or concerns.

Renogy can produce 175Wh of energy and comes with two 10-Watt mono-crystalline solar panels, which can hold a maximum of 70-Watts input. This generator model also comes with a 150-Watt inverter, one built-in 10A charge controller and one 16Ah lithium battery.

It can also be charged through an AC power adapter. Moreover, the device is equipped with a forthright LCD, which displays the battery capacity details, not to mention the AC and DC output buttons that allow easy switching between the two output modes.

The Renogy Firefly All-in-One Solar Generator Kit’s ideal for camping or to be used as an emergency back power. it’s also compatible in recharging portable electronic devices under 150 Watts.

📌 With a dimension of 15.63 x 12.67 x 4.15 inches and a weight of 12 pounds, this solar generator is one of the smallest and most compact solar generation units in the market.

It’s designed with a built-in 3-Watt LED SOS/Lighting mode flashlight that is located on the side of the machine for added safety and in cases of emergencies.

Unfortunately, despite being fantastically good for portable use, Renogy Firefly has one weak point and that would be its door area, which has a rubber O-ring that only helps when it’s closed. When open water could get into the electrical connections, it would definitely cause problems.

Compared to the Wagan Solar E-Cube, the Renogy Firefly is more recommended for outdoor and portable use. When it comes to its capacity, Renogy is a basic solar generator that offers 175Wh of solar energy.

But these two are among the most top-rated generators so the best way to decide is to determine the budget and your power needs. If you need more energy, then choose Wagan but if you need an alternative power source for simple outings, Renogy Firefly is a smart option.

  • Simple plug-and-play system
  • Waterproof
  • Portable
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Versatile and expandable
  • Does not have a replaceable battery
  • Quite expensive compared to other similar types of generator

4. Anker PowerHouse 400Wh Solar Generator

Source: Amazon

Known as the new line of the solar generator from leading mobile power company Anker, the PowerHouse 400Wh Solar Generator is a great option for those who are searching for a type of generator that doesn’t need too much power for their electronic devices.

The PowerHouse offers the option of adding solar panels that can fully charge the device with 16 hours of sunlight (initial charging time for this device took less than 4 hours to get a full charge while charges from a full discharge are estimated between 8 to 10 hours).

It also brags its triple output mode — a 12V car socket, an 110V AC outlet (for devices up to 120V) and 4 fast charging USB ports.

Its compact and durable body sheathes a 434Wh of power, which is enough to power a laptop up to 15 times or can charge a mobile phone up to 40 times.

With its four USB ports powered by fast-charging PowerIQ technology, it ensures that phones, tablets, and cameras stay charged throughout the day.

📌 The Battery Management System features the following:

  • Ensures complete protection by conducting active cell balancing and controlling voltages
  • Temperatures and advanced safety operations to prevent shorts
  • Optimize battery performance to extend battery life.
  • Comes with a portable power supply
  • 10-foot AC adapter
  • 2-foot microUSB charge cable

It can also illuminate a 15V lamp for more than 100 hours. Crafted using only the highest-grade materials, the PowerHouse is sturdy and its drop-tested aluminum shell is built to withstand the rigor of outdoor activities.

Aside from that, what really got the attention of its consumers are its multiple charging and discharging methods.

The Anker PowerHouse is a remarkably compact and portable off-grid power supply for camping and emergency purposes. It’s also the smallest and lightest 400Wh power supply in the market. Its high-density lithium-ion battery allows for a more compact build compared to the lead-acid power packs.

However, you should note that the Anker PowerHouse is not a power generator but it’s more of a very large battery. Even though the company has created a good product, it can still improve its pricing and expansion options.

There may be some minor issues that would make you think twice in choosing this device but Anker is trying its best to address them.

Anker Powerhouse has a similar setup to the Goal Zero charging systems. The Anker PowerHouse and Goal Zero Yeti 400 are both very popular models and come from two leading companies.

They also have so many similarities — from almost the same power output, portable design and nearly the same prices.

Specifications and size-wise, the Anker PowerHouse is quite remarkable and the market leader for portability.

With it comes to storage, the PowerHouse has a clear edge compared to its Goal Zero rival thanks to its 120Ah lithium-ion battery. It’s also a rather cheaper choice for camping enthusiasts.

  • Remarkably compact and portable
  • Durable
  • Multi-Device Charging
  • Worry-free and extended warranty
  • 8-month warranty
  • LCD is too simple
  • Very little documentation
  • AC inverter
  • Charging cords fits poorly

5. Kalisaya KP601 KaliPAK 558-Watt Hour Portable Solar Generator System

Source: Amazon

Kalisaya KP601 KaliPAK 558-Watt Hour Portable Solar Generator System is a reliable, convenient, powerful and eco-friendly alternative power source that is ideal for unexpected power outages, base camps and cabins.

It boasts its Bluetooth-powered KaliAPP, which allows you to monitor your device’s consumption level from the convenience of your phone.

Just like the other solar generators listed on this article, the Kalisaya KP601 KaliPAK’s revolutionary technology quietly enhances your off-the-grid experience with its reliable solar panel and battery power. But what makes the KaliPAK unique and outstanding are some of its features.

This device has a built-in Bluetooth for real-time updates, unique user interface, its hefty storage compartment, portability and their plans to provide power to the electricity-lacking communities in Africa. It also has the best energy output to weight ratio (558Wh/14 lbs.).

The KaliPAK also comes with a Mini Powerkit that includes an AC/DC wall charger, car-lighter adapter and hi-tech 40-Watt foldable flexbow solar panels (4x). Also included is its internal 38Ah Lithium-ion battery.

The device has a total solar capacity of 558Wh (14.5v/38Ah). With three charging possibilities either from direct sunlight or any universal 100-240V power outlet or 12V car charger, the KaliPAK could always be energized and ready to go.

📌 Its advanced refractive LED lighting provides high intensity, focused illumination is ideal for camping, various emergencies, and extreme dark conditions. For unlimited freedom, mobility and protection, you can purchase the KaliPAK Weatherproof and IP65-rated Raincoat for all-weather usage.

KaliPAK is not like any other portable solar generator out there. It’s capable of outsourcing many of its rivals in terms of portability, performance, style and the price. It can produce 50 percent more energy than its mid-range 401 model, which offers 384Wh of solar power and has a moderate 26Ah battery.

In comparison to its rivals, the KaliPAK is a lot more portable, has better performance ratings and appear more attractive than other solar generators.

In just a single charge, the device could charge 5 LED bulbs (400 lumens) for 120 hours, a 10-Watt flood projector (900 lumens) for 60 hours or a 20-Watt flood projector (1800 lumens) for 30 hours.

The generator also has shoulder straps that make it easier for you to lug around on your shoulder. It also has several USB ports for small electronic devices and 12V power switches for lights, laptops and mini-fridges.

Unfortunately, this device may not quality to everyonen’s budget. The KaliPak is on the expensive spectrum of solar generators. Thus, while it’s promising, all of its features come with a price.

However, the eradication of purchasing fuel frequently definitely makes this device a smart choice. This all-in-one package is not only beneficial to the environment but may also help you save more in the long run.

  • Lightweight and ultra-slim
  • Portable and ergonomic
  • Easy to use
  • High Quality and excellent design
  • Bluetooth interface for additional insight
  • Retains charge
  • Nice controls and plenty of ports
  • Weatherproof backpack
  • Offers realistic power
  • Car charger should be included
  • Needs more internal storage space to accommodate additional accessories

Factors To Consider When Buying A Solar Generator

A solar generator is technically packed with three major elements — a solar unit, power storage and portable design.

But design-wise, you have to remember that the device has no specific form and its main function is to collect solar energy and store it to provide you power without any troubles.

There are indeed so many types of solar generators in the market today but below are the factors you need to consider when choosing or buying one.

1. Portability and Compactness (Weight, Size, a nd Shape)

Source: Jerusalem Post

Perhaps not the most important factors to consider for some, but the solar generator’s weight, size and shape matter where you intend to use it. If you plan to go hiking or camping, then choose a unit that is not heavy.

Most of the solar generator application requires a degree of portability, which is the true value of a solar power system. So, it’s best to pay close attention to the weight.

If you’re planning to go off the grid, a larger solar power unit’s required that can be stored in a cabin or RV. Always remember, the proper weight distribution will secure the ability for portable solar generators to be used off the grid and pushed easily on location.

As for the shape, solar generators come in several shapes. Some are foldable and can be easily stashed away while others are in heavier boxes and on wheels for easier transportation.

2. Charging Times

This factor is often overlooked but the amount of time it takes to charge a generator is something to consider. So, look into the device’s charging times and compare it when plugged into a wall outlet and when placed under direct sunlight.

3. Wattage

The wattage of the portable solar power system could be as low as 4 watts to as high as 1,500 watts. Take note, never purchase lower wattage systems just to save money because the lower the wattage, the longer it takes to charge. In cases of emergencies, the cost is nothing if it can deliver ample power that you need.

4. Battery Storage Capacity

A solar generator’s battery storage capacity is the most significant factor when it comes to the actual usability of the device. The battery storage refers to the allowable amount of power to be used at night or when your energy needs exceed the amount of solar power input.

By knowing solar generators usable watt-hours, you can determine the time needed to run specific applications. it’s recommended, however, to only use 70 percent of the full capacity of traditional lead acid batteries in order to reserve life span and reduce the failures.

5. Solar PV Input

The Solar PV input is responsible for powering a solar generator. With enough solar PV input, it provides continuous power during the day and low recharging after the night usage.

A solar generator will allow for the solar tracking, which is the ability to move your solar panels to capture the best solar input. PV input is directly related to the storage capacity of a solar generator, meaning using the solar generator while it’s recharging will increase the time to reach its full capacity.

6. Component Quality

Quality is a major factor to consider when purchasing a solar-powered system as it affects the usability and durability of the product. Hence, it’s important to know the product’s component warranties and capable life spans.

Durability is often negatively affected by the component quality. So, buying a solar generator with a metal casing will assure you that the product could withstand rigorous use and continue to protect the valuable components over time. Always remember that owning an alternative power source demands a need for reliability.

7. Inverter Rating

Source: My Solar Power

Most solar generators use the inverter rating as the overall generator rating based on what you can pull from the unit. But inverter size is not dependent on the capabilities of the product.

For example, a 1500 watt inverter with one 100Ah battery could be useless since it would deplete the battery in around a half an hour (800/1500).

Solar generators that have at least a 1.5:1 usable watt-hours-to-inverter-rating ratio (1500Wh to 1000 watt inverter) are considered the most usable, the best and the most reliable ones.

But remember to watch out those with big inverters but with little to no battery storage and those without inverter external charging capabilities.

Inverters, which converts low volt DC to standard 120 volt AC power, rate the maximum watts you can pull at any one time from a solar generator. For example, a 1500 watt inverter lets you pull up to that wattage in AC power.

However, it should be noted that pulling the maximum watts from an inverter depletes lead-acid batteries at a faster rate (lithium batteries protect against this effect).

8. Balanced System Design

When it comes to usability, another important factor to consider is the balanced system design, which refers to the key combination of usable storage capacity, solid PV input and appropriate inverter rating.

In actual terms, 1500 usable watt-hours are the standard for storage capacity that can handle most solar generator applications. To balance the system out, it’s ideal to have a 250 watts PV input and a 1000 watt inverter.

With the combination of high-quality components and balancing the system design to boost portability will assure that a solar generator can work in a variety of environments, applications, and needs. However, watch out for devices that lack any of the key components and those with disproportionate ratings.

9. Accessories

When searching for various units, always pay close attention to how and where the power is stored. For solar power systems, there might be a need to purchase separate accessories like USB plugs or wall-style sockets while some systems just need the basic ones such as alligator clips and an external battery.

10. Sound

One of the reasons why people opt to use solar generators is the need to ditch the noise that comes from fuel generators. Hence, it’s important to choose a unit with low decibel level.

11. Price

Along with other purchases, the cost of solar-powered generators is also an important factor to consider. We highly recommended that you make a budget and determine your power needs.

Remember, a solar powered generator is also an investment so it needs to be treated as one. But aside from the price of a unit, what others are saying in reviews are equally vital in choosing the right type of generator that suits your needs.


It’s not surprising for many experts to consider the use of solar energy as our future. In fact, we can no longer survive on conventional energy sources alone.

But we can’t also deny the fact that we still lack better literacy on solar energy. Factors like huge cost, less efficiency, and high labor have been the reasons we hesitated to accept solar generators.

Remember that when talking about generating energy outdoors, solar energy is our best option.

We hope the list above will help you determine the best solar generator according to your requirements and budget.

Just keep in mind that no device is perfect and the more powerful the item is, the more costly it can be. If you feel that we missed any product that should have been on the list, feel free to notify us.

5 Trendiest Inflatable Solar Lights in 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you tired of using dirty kerosene lamps or do you need a better lighting option when going outdoors? If yes, then you may want to consider the inflatable solar lights.

But these inflatable lights are not only perfect for camping and hiking because if you have limited space and have concerns about weight capacity, these can also be perfect illumination options.

What are the Trendiest Inflatable Solar Lights in 2017?

For a brief overview, solar lights are spot-on inventions that absorb energy from the sunlight and then store it in such a way that whenever you might need that power for illumination, it will be available for you.

And you should also remember, solar lights are not only created compact and long lasting but they are also inexpensive as well.

So, below are the best inflatable solar lights available in the market that might suit your needs.

LuminAID PackLite 16 Solar Inflatable LightPrice Check445 Lumens$$
MPOWERED Luci EMRG 3-in-1 Emergency Solar Inflatable LightPrice Check425 Lumens (4 LEDs)$
Terra Friendly Floating Solar LED Pool Party LightPrice Check4.590 Lumens$$
OldShark Inflatable Solar Lantern Outdoor Waterproof Emergency LED Camping Light Solar ChargerPrice Check480 Lumens$$$
Solight Solarpuff Portable Compact LED Solar LanternPrice Check4.5100 Lumens$$$

1. LuminAID PackLite 16 Solar Inflatable Light

Source: Amazon

Known to have the power to keep you safe and sound through the night, the LuminAID PackLite 16 Solar Inflatable Light is the updated version of the original LuminAID Solar Light that was invented shortly after the Haiti Earthquake in 2010.

This solar-powered, inflatable lantern packs flat for easy storage and charging and inflates to create a lightweight, waterproof lantern.

This all-weather device is made from ultra-durable TPU plastic material that has been tested in sub-zero and tropical temperatures.

It’s also 100 percent PVC-free and is equipped with 19 percent high-efficiency solar panel, which charges the built-in Lithium-polymer ion battery in 7-10 hours of sunlight.

It also has a dual red/green LED charge indicator that shows when the device has been fully charged. The device is also waterproof up to 1 meter deep and has the ability to float.

Additionally, it can illuminate a 125 square feet area and has two years of storage life plus a 1-year full warranty.

📌 Even in overcast conditions, the device remains efficient and offers up to 30 hours of consistent LED lighting. It also brags it’s 4 brightness settings (Extra-bright, High, Low and Flashing modes) and more than 10,000 hours of rechargeable battery lifetime hours.

For portability and convenience, the PackLite 16 can fold into a compact size that is easy to clip on your bag or backpack to charge on-the-go. You may also store it in your emergency kit.

Despite its impressive quality and features, the LuminAID PackLite 16 has one major flaw – the device is not very UV resistant.

Even though the clear plastic that covers the front of the light when it’s folded up is UV resistant, the rest of the device that is made up of the opaque plastic is not.

And since this model is already the updated or second version of the original, the manufacturer should have paid more attention to this issue. It also does not have the brightness of an incandescent or fluorescent light.

Among the solar inflatable lanterns in the market, this device is probably the most impressive when it comes to quality and affordability. As a matter of fact, the Packlite 16 lives up to what the manufacturer vowed its customers.

In comparison to the next inflatable solar light we’ll be discussing – the MPOWERED Luci EMRG 3-in-1 Emergency Solar Inflatable Light  – the LuminAID Packlite is considerable of higher quality as its inflatable frame is crafted from a much higher quality vinyl that has a more rubbery feel similar to a high-grade medical vinyl and less like plastic.

The Luci EMRG’s vinyl, on the other hand, is relatively firm and cut-rate. Since LuminAID’s vinyl is very pliable, it’s less susceptible to cracking or splitting over the long term of use.

In addition, the LuminAID uses a single bright LED with a much better battery while Luci EMRG has three smaller LEDs and pairs it with a much better battery.

LuminAID’s battery charges faster for 7 hours under direct sunlight while the Luci EMRG charges for 8 to 9 hours. PackLite 16 also lasts longer and go for at least 5 hours and 45 minutes on its brightest setting (similar as Luci EMRG).

But the Luci can only go for 50 minutes before it begins to dim and eventually dies before it reaches the 90-minute mark. At times, the Luci does not dim noticeably at any or remains bright but when the power has been exhausted, it just shuts off.

  • Markedly better in quality and innovative
  • Simple and practical designed
  • Waterproof and versatile
  • Lightweight and reliable
  • Provides light that can illuminate an entire room
  • Perfect emergency light
  • Inexpensive
  • Has great concept
  • Utilitarian and eco-friendly
  • They keep losing their air and need a few puffs from your lungs
  • Don’t last really long

2. MPOWERD Luci EMRG 3-in-1 Emergency Solar Inflatable Light

A perfect and reliable alternative lighting source option during power outages, natural disasters and roadside troubles.

MPOWERD’s Luci EMRG is a 3-in-1 emergency lighting device that functions as a lantern, a flashlight and an emergency light in one. It’s waterproof with the IP67 rating, lightweight and extremely durable.

This device charges in 8 hours but with no batteries needed. It gets its power solely from the sun. it’s equipped with a high-efficiency solar panel and 4 LED lights that provide a light output of 25 lumens.

It also has 4 light settings – super bright, bright, 1-second flashing and S.O.S. (Red and White morse code) modes. A fully charged device can illuminate an area for up to 7 hours on bright setting.

📌 The Luci EMRG is completely collapsible but can help you prepare for any emergency situations. With its fully waterproof IP67 rating design, you can drop it, dunk it or float it, and will continue to shine brightly. Due to its versatility, it can function as a great utility light at home or outdoors.

Even though it earned several positive reviews, testing its endurance has proven the inferior build and poor performance of the product.

It also does not work as promised and with its cheap cost and relatively simple concept or design, the product is far less innovative compared to what the manufacturer suggests.

Since LuminAID and Luci EMRG have similar concept and design, let’s compare the one from the other. As aforementioned above, the LuminAID inflatable solar-powered lamp is much better than MPOWERD’s Luci EMRG.

Another point to consider is the product’s inflation valve that is very cheap. Although it looks the same, EMRG’s valve is stiffer and smoother compared to LuminAID’s.

As a result, Luci EMRG’s little valve cap frequently pops out on its own instead of staying in place as it should. LuminAID’s valve, on the other hand, shuts securely and the cap is actually a little stiff to remove.

LuminAID’s solar panel is larger and better in quality than the Luci EMRG and other similar knock-off products’ panel.

Speaking of the solar panels, the Luci EMRG lantern is crafted from a small and low-cost solar panel that is framed by a cardboard base and sealed in the same plastic-like clear vinyl that is used to make very cheap pool toys for infants.

With a very cheap inflation valve and a poor battery that cannot hold a charge longer than 100 minutes even on its lowest brightness setting, this product makes a not-so worthy investment.

  • Ultra-light, collapsible and compact
  • Reliable, durable and waterproof
  • Bright and versatile
  • Solar-recharge feature saves the weight of spare batteries
  • Does not give off as much light
  • Does not have the reflector
  • Not as bright as other products of the same type
  • Opaque sides are not as nice as the clear sides
  • Has only two steady-on settings
  • Poor quality and performance
  • Flawed quality controls
  • Plastic handles wear out quickly

3. Terra Friendly Floating Solar LED Pool Party Light

Considered a versatile inflatable solar light with endless of uses, the Terra Friendly Floating Solar LED Pool Party Light is a must-have backpacking or camping lantern that can also be used as the following:

  • Outdoor lanterns
  • Picnic lighting
  • Bug-out bag
  • Survival kit light
  • Hot tub light
  • Backyard pool light
  • Boat light
  • Emergency flare, flashlight alternative

This solar kit is bright and long lasting, and can illuminate a 15 square feet area. It has three light settings – low, high and flashing modes. Also, it includes a one-of-a-kind feature, which is its battery-level indicator LED.

It is equipped with a highly efficient built-in solar panel board, a rechargeable lithium polymer battery back, ten white LED lights with 4,000 mcd (millicandela) light source and an inflating nozzle. For all weather conditions, the device is enclosed with a waterproof PVC.

📌 This cube-shaped inflatable and the waterproof solar lantern is designed to be used in and around water. It’s also weatherproof, compact and easy to use. Just like other inflatable lights, the Terra Friendly does not require any batteries.

It can be recharged in two ways – either sunlight or ambient (inside) light. Under direct sunlight, it can be full charged in 6 to 8 hours and will be able to provide 6 to 12 hours of illumination. In addition, the device emits 90 bright lumens and recharges up to 500 times.

The Terra Friendly Solar Light aims to bring visible light in areas where electricity and lighting options are scarce or unavailable.

But even though the product is inflatable and waterproof, it’s not intended for prolonged (months-long) exposure to extreme weather conditions such as high heat (100 degrees and higher).

It’s also not designed to withstand prolonged submergence underwater (more than 20 seconds on an occasional basis). However, it’s not constructed for extreme pressure, sharp objects, and water in the interior of the PVC air chamber. Lastly, its PVC shell is not puncture-proof.

Unlike the other aforementioned inflatable solar lights, the Terra Friendly has a design flaw. Even though it’s designed to be an inflatable one, many costumers noticed that the product has some balance issue and it would not stay upright when fully inflated.

Unlike any other pool light in the market, the Terra Friendly charges in the sun but it’s not solar-activated. Despite being a pool light, it’s more ideal for dry use as it will not remain waterproof for too long.

  • Small and easy to use
  • Bright lighting
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Charges quickly
  • Kid-friendly
  • It won’t stay upright so it needs weighting
  • Need a photocell to turn on or off automatically
  • Not worth the price
  • Not stable when inflated

4. OldShark Inflatable Solar Lantern Outdoor Waterproof Emergency LED Camping Light Solar Charge

The OldShark Inflatable Solar Lantern Outdoor Waterproof Emergency LED Camping Light Solar Charge is a reliable and bright alternative source of light that never requires maintenance, fuel or batteries.

This product also brags its lightweight and ultra-compact design that makes it a perfect fit in any drawer, pocket or toolboxes.

Ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, tents, backyard/barbecue, and pool parties, and emergency purposes like roadside assistance and power outages

The OldShark lantern is equipped with 10 LED lights with 4,000 mcd (millicandela) that provide 90 lumens of illumination output. The LED lights are assisted by a frosted light diffusing shell.

📌 It also boasts its three light settings – super bright, bright and the emergency S.O.S. flash modes.

This has a high-efficient built-in solar panel board. it’s bright and resilient and can illuminate a 15 square feet of space. It’s enclosed with waterproof PVC material that can withstand even the most rugged conditions.

Moreover, the product is crafted with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery power (300-500 cycle life). It also has two charge options – under direct sunlight or under an ambient or incandescent light.

It has a charge time of 8 hours, which can provide a minimum of 6 to 12 hours of illumination.

In spite of the mostly positive reviews, the OldShark Inflatable Solar Lantern has some minor issues when it comes to its charging mechanism. The product should also not be over-inflated.

The OldShark light has a lot of similarities to the Terra Friendly one. Both almost have the same specifications and features.

But while Terra Friendly has a design flaw, which is on the balancing of the device, the OldShark is criticized for its poor charging mechanism. It also didn’t have any problems when it comes to staying upright as long as it’s not over-inflated.

  • Super compact and bright
  • High quality and durability
  • Reliable and good value
  • It takes long to charge

5. Solight Solarpuff Portable Compact LED Solar Lantern

Invented by Alice Min Soo Chun, the Solight Solarpuff Portable Compact LED Solar Lantern is a patented solar flatpack and an origami expandable lantern.

Dubbed as a superior and lightest solar light, it’s perfect to be used in homes, gardens, and pools, as well as in outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

Even though most inflatable solar lights need a few puffs from your lungs, the Solarpuff auto inflates without using a mouth or pump.

It’s also designed with high technology and high-performance fabric material that creates an enchanting dispersion of light through its prism-like light spectrum.

Furthermore, the product’s fabric is specifically engineered for durability, flexibility, waterproof and structured for adaptability and recyclability. it’s also designed to fit in any back pocket.

The device takes pride in providing 100 lumens of illumination and can fully charge under direct sunlight in 8 hours, providing approximately 8-12 hours of lighting and illuminating a room of 100 square feet.

In cases when you only charge your device for 5 hours, you don’t have to worry as it can provide 5 to 8 hours of illumination.

Crafted from water-resistant and recyclable PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the Solarpuff has three lighting modes – low, high and flash settings.

📌 As for its photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, it can recharge 80 percent discharged batteries in 4.1 hours of direct sunlight. It’s also designed to withstand extreme temperatures, the wind, rain salt water and chlorinated pool water.

The SolarPuff is designed to float but should be kept at 32-82° Fahrenheit for extended periods of time. But it should not get too hot or above 90° Fahrenheit.

It can be charged under direct sunlight or an incandescent light (but will take longer than 5 hours to charge).

This product is also recognized by various award-giving bodies and the media. Perhaps the only minor issue with the Solarpuff is the fact that it’s more expensive compared to its other rivals.

Unlike most solar-powered lights mentioned above that are made from PVC, the SolarPuff is built with PET, which a non-toxic and recyclable material. In the list, it’s also the inflatable solar light with the highest light output of 100 lumens.

  • Sustainable and renewable
  • Recyclable, efficient, affordable and economical
  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Very useful and well-designed
  • Powerful light
  • Highly portable
  • Easy storage
  • Not good quality
  • Doesn’t work as advertised
  • Barely holds a charge

What Are Inflatable Solar Lights?

Designed to replace the kerosene lamps, this is commonly used in places where there is no electrical infrastructure.

These inflatable solar-powered light are practical and economical option for small-scale emergency situations. So, why not buy these alternative light source for daily and not just for your outdoor adventure needs?

These are not only helpful in emergency situations but can also improve the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces in your home or simply for daily use. Such compact and long-lasting solar lights are also produced inexpensively.

However, many of them would require a huge amount of time to charge starting from 6 hours to 12 hours but then it will be able to give an almost same duration of light back to you.

Following the statements and reviews above, you might be contemplating on the benefits and uses of choosing and purchasing inflatable solar lights.

📌 Summary of uses:

  • Brighten a room during a power outage
  • Light up the electrical box when the breaker flips
  • Illuminate the inside of a tent
  • Used as a campground lighting
  • Used as an accessory light in your vehicle when stranded at night
  • Save power from the car battery
  • Light up the trail by strapping it to the bags
  • Used as a signal for help (using the strobe/emergency flasher)
  • Use it as a spotlight when changing a tire in the dark.

These innovations, however, do not only provide light. They also minimize pollution and health issues linked with kerosene emissions such as lung diseases, burns, and eye deterioration.

It’s without a doubt that solar power is being common with everything in our life. The sun is a powerful and free source that is responsible for lots of things that happens on Earth.

Thanks to the great inventions of modern technology, inflatable solar lights are the chic and efficient devices that used to light up any space and harnessed the free and renewable energy from the sun.


Lighting is important for so many things, not the least of which is finding your way in the darkness during a power outage or while stumbling around outdoors on a moon-less night.

Hence, it’s really not surprising that emergency lighting is one of the top ten items on every man’s must-have list.

So, have you chosen the best inflatable solar light that suits your needs? Or perhaps we have missed some details that you wish we covered? If yes, feel free to express your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

Best Solar Lamps – Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Garden Lighting


Finding the best solar lights is never an easy task. As a matter of fact, choosing tends to be daunting and at times, confusing, especially when the device we are looking for has various types, just like the solar lamps.

If you are still confused, well, don’t fret as this article will guide you in choosing the best solar-powered lamps in the market today. With the right specifications, features, and budget, we can find a good option that really satisfies our needs. In fact, you can find the top items in the next section.

What is a Solar Lamp?

Also known as solar light or solar lantern, a solar lamp is a lighting system composed of a LED lamp, solar panels, battery, charge controller and may be an inverter. It provides a welcome light and added beautification to any outdoor space without the need for additional electrical wiring.

It could also be a perfect lighting source for walkways, driveways, decks, pools, patios and other areas of interest. But what’s really more interesting with solar lamps is their capacity to illuminate dark areas around your home and discourage intruders.

Solar LampsPrice CheckRatingLight OutputPurposePrice
Kenroy Home Landfall Outdoor Solar Floor LampPrice Check4193 LumensIndoor/Outdoor$$$
Gama Sonic Royal Solar Lamp PostPrice Check4240 LumensOutdoor$$$
Kendal High Outdoor Solar Lamp Post Price Check4Not StatedOutdoor$$
XEPA Solar LED Lamp with Motion DetectionPrice Check3.5300 LumensOutdoor$
Paradise Solar LED Outdoor LightPrice Check414 LumensOutdoor$

Top 5 Best Solar-Powered Lamps of 2017

If you are in need of a solar-powered lamp for an outdoor lighting, you are just on the right page. Check out our list below for the top 5 solar-powered lamps that will surely be helpful to you.

💡 Kenroy Home Landfall Outdoor Solar Floor Lamp with Rope Accents, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Source: Destination Lighting

Are you looking for a solar-powered lamp that can help make the appearance of an outdoor patio into a living room? If yes, then the Kenroy Home Landfall Solar Lamp is a clever option.

Even though it is designed like an indoor lamp, its weather-resistant construction makes the device ideal for outdoor conditions.

Often comes as a set of two lamps (lamp post and lamp shade), this neutral-colored outdoor solar lamp is designed to complement many home and garden decors.

In addition, if you are also looking for an indoor light source, this is also a perfect choice, especially in instances where illumination is needed but electricity is unavailable. It can also help in times of emergencies or power outages.


Who says an outdoor space could never look chic and trendy? With a contemporary design to boast, this solar lamp allows you to decorate your outdoor seating area with elegance and flair.

Boasting its chic spool-shaped solar light, this device, which weighs 17.3 pounds, comes with a bronze finish over steel with natural rope accents with a cream tapered drum shade. It is also expertly made of resin and metal.

As for the product dimensions, the lamp measures 16 inches in diameter while its height is 61 inches. The lampshade, on the other hand, measures 12 inches in diameter at the top and 16 inches in diameter at the bottom with a height of 29 inches and weight of 9.7 pounds.

Source: TopTenReviews


Aside from its contemporary design and chicness, this solar lamp also has some impressive features to brag. So, if you are interested in choosing this product, read the following information below.

Lighting – Uses an on and off control switch to control the lighting. It is equipped with three 1-Watt LED bulbs on a solar disc. In addition, it has a 10-foot power cord attached to the base of the lamp, which allows you to use the device indoors with electricity.

The LED bulbs can illuminate as far as 65.62 feet with a beam angle of 120 degrees. As for its light output, it offers 193 lumens with an 83.36 lumen/watt efficacy. Its LED lens color, on the other hand, is white.

Solar Disc – If you prefer to go green, the Kenroy Home Landfall can also be charged using its solar disc. All you have to is to remove it and take it outdoors to charge. The solar disc is made of a black plastic with a 12-centimeter, 0.85-0.9 Watt solar panel. For the solar disc specifications, its diameter measures 12.7 centimeters with a height if 3.3 centimeters with a capacity of 7.4V/4,000 mAh.

Batteries and Transformer – The solar lamp also comes with two built-in batteries. The rechargeable 18650 Lithium ion 3.7V/2,000 mAh batteries are installed in the solar disc. As for its transformer’s specification, its input is 100-240V, 50/60HZ, 0.25A while the output is 5V/1,000 mA.

Meanwhile, in case you need some parts to replace the batteries, the solar disc, the transformer or the lampshade, these are all available for purchase. As for the warranty, the manufacturer offers one-year warranty and a 90-day return policy.

  • Impact-resistance and a very high level of UV resistance
  • Sturdy weather-resistant design
  • LED bulbs shine light as far as 65.62 feet with a beam angle of 120 degrees
  • Convenient indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Ideal to decorate indoor or outdoor seating area
  • One-year warranty and 90-day return policy
  • Replacement parts are available
  • Neutral-colored outdoor solar light may be too bland for some people

If you are looking for an indoor or outdoor solar-powered lamp that is stylish with a contemporary design, then The Landfall Solar Lamp is perfect for you. This a contemporary-styled lamp provides convenience as it can be used indoors with electricity.

More so, you can use it to provide outdoor solar lighting for your outdoor living area or patio. With its weather-resistant and sturdy design, this is not only a smart and convenient choice but it is also ideal for emergencies such as a power outage.

💡 Gama Sonic Royal Solar Lamp Post

Source: Amazon

If you are searching for a solar lamp that is a great energy- and money-saving option, then the Gama Sonic Royal GS-98D is for you.

The lighting fixture is designed to provide automatic performance at dusk after its battery has been fully charged during the day.

With its integrated solar panels, it can directly store energy from the sun. And when the sunlight hits the lamp heads’ solar panels, it charges the device’s built-in Lithium Ion battery.

This provides excellent light and atmosphere to any outdoor surroundings in your home. With Gama Sonic’s goal of building the world’s best solar lights, this device is one of the highly suggested solar lamps in the market.


Boasting its New Orleans-street lamp design, this lamp is an epitome of style and distinction. It is constructed with weatherproof, rust-resistant cast aluminum and beveled glass.

It’s double lamps heads have a powder-coated weathered bronze finish. As for its dimension, it measures 9 x 27 x 89 inches and weighs 22 pounds.


Aside from its impressive design, this device also has a series of notable technical specifications and features. Some of them are listed below.

Lighting – It has a total of 16 (8X2) bright-white LED lights that give off a total luminous output of 240 lumens (120X2) on full solar charge. It’s double lamp heads require no electrical wiring to set up.

In cases when the panels are not getting enough solar energy to charge the battery fully, you can switch the LED-brightness mode into low to extend nightly light duration. In either mode, its patented cone reflector enhances the glow and multi-directional light dispersal.

Solar Panel –This device also comes with solar panels, which could be secured to a post’s concrete pad with the included bolts. Each lamp head has four mono-crystalline silicon solar panels that are protected by weather-resistant, cleanable tempered glass, which helps ensure long-lasting reliability.

Internal Battery Pack – It’s replaceable, plugged 1500 mAh battery packs are good for about 1,000 charges. With proper setup for optimal sun exposure, a sunny day (without clouds) could be sufficient to provide a full recharge.

The recharging speed will vary based on weather conditions. Unfortunately, indirect sunlight exposure would not charge its solar panels. Thus, you should never place the lamp post in a shaded area and place it in an open area under the sun, instead.

  • Bright Light
  • Dusk to dawn on the high setting
  • Durable
  • Dual Lights
  • Good design
  • Will only charge during sunny days
  • A bit expensive
  • Limited brightness

If you are looking for a solar-powered lamp that brags sophistication and style, the Gama Sonic Royal Solar Lamp Post is a perfect choice for you.

In addition to its chic design, this lamp is also an energy-saver. With its two lamp heads, its ability to give illumination is doubled.

💡 Kendal High Outdoor Solar Lamp Post (8 Ft. with Two-Heads & LEDS Lights)

Source: Sears

When you’re looking for an elegant outdoor lamp, the Kendal High Outdoor Solar Lamp Post is definitely a must-have.

This device is equipped with ultra-bright LED lights that can provide illumination up to 8 to 10 hours. The Lamp Post also has the intelligent digital controller to provide protection with control on time, over-charge, and over discharge.

It also has an automatic dusk-to-dawn operation. Aside from its stylish design, it will also save you from the rising expenses of electric bills, not to mention the perfect accent to any outdoor décor.


Boasting its chic and sophisticated design, the outdoor solar lamp is made of rust-resistant, powder-coated cast and strong aluminum alloy. The lamp also has two heads and a bronze or black finish. It is water-resistant and can withstand strong wind.

For its size and dimension, each of the lamp heads measures 9 inches in diameter by 11 inches in height. The lamp post, on the other hand, the height of this lamp post is 8.5 feet with a 10.24 inches base diameter.


Every solar-powered device has its own distinct and notable features. And before buying any product, it is a very important thing to consider its features so let’s delve it before.

Lighting – This device is equipped with 32 3-Watt ultra-bright LED lights that can provide illumination from 8 to 10 hours that are protected with real beveled glass panes. For the first 5 to 6 hours with high brightness, then change to energy saving mode to gradually reduce the brightness. The LEDs can also last up to 100,000 hours.

Solar Panel and Battery – Aside from the LED lights, the Kendal High Outdoor Solar Lamp post has also a large quality 4-Wattmonocrystalline silicon solar panels with each panel measuring 2 x 1.75 inch and each lamp has 6 of this size solar panels. In addition, the device is equipped with 6V lead-acid/Ni-Cr/Ni-MH special solar charged battery.

Digital light controller – Last but not the least, the Kendal High Outdoor Solar Lamp Post also has an intelligent digital light controller, which aims to provide protection overlight control/time control/over-charge and over discharge.It also has an automatic dusk-to-dawn operation.

  • Cheap
  • Well-made
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Short Battery Life (2-3 hours maximum)

If you are on a budget but need a solar-powered lamp, then the Kendal High Outdoor Solar Lamp Post is perfect you!

With its elegant design and affordable price, you can never go wrong in choosing this solar lamp. But just a reminder, it’s also a good idea to consider the pros and cons of the product.

💡 XEPA SPX713 Solar-Powered LED Post Lamp with Motion Detection Function

Source: Craluxlighting

The XEPA Outdoor Black Solar LED Post Lamp is a pretty decent choice when you are looking for a solar-powered lamp to light up your long and dark driveway.

It’s easy to assemble and convenient. Just place and assemble the lamp in a non-shaded area so that will receive maximum sunlight and enjoy a dusk to dawn light source.

The device is equipped with LED light bulbs that you don’t need to replace. Since it uses the power of the sun this could give you continuous illumination time up to 4 hours on the full power function and up to 18 hours on the conservation function. The lamp can also be used in other outdoor surrounding areas in your yard.


Designed to provide years of operation, this solar lamp has a clear contoured glass lens with sturdy die cast aluminum framing. Moreover, the device is also waterproof and weather-resistant.


One of the most important criteria when choosing any solar-powered devices is the product’s specification and features. So, if you are interested with XEPA Outdoor Black Solar LED Post Lamp, continue reading below for its list of features.

Source: Amazon

Lighting – This device is equipped with LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) light bulbs that won’t need any replacing. With the use of the light of the sun, it could give continuous illumination time of 4 hours on full power mode and 18 hours on conservation mode. It gives off a luminous flux of 300 lumens.

To power it up, all you have to do is simply assemble and place your solar post lamp in a non-shaded area, where the solar panel received direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. For normal operation, press the I/Off/II switch.

In setting “I”, the lamp will provide up to 18 hours of continuous illumination. When the switch is set to “II”, the lamp turns on at maximum brightness and stays illuminated up to 4 hours, until the battery drains.

Solar Panel and Batteries – During daylight hours, the 10V/2.5-Watt monocrystalline solar panel will absorb energy from the sun and store the energy in two 3.7V/2,000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Since it’s a dusk to dawn solar lamp, a photocell will automatically turn the post lamp on at nightfall if it is set at I or II.

For low output brightness, you may use switch position I. After 30 seconds of illumination at full power, the lamp will enter a conservation mode. And if there is no motion detected, it will keep dimly lit.

Motion Detection Function – As aforementioned, the lamp has a motion detection function. If any motion is detected within 10 feet or a 160-degree motion from the motion detector, the lamp will automatically return to full brightness for 30 seconds.

  • Provides bright light
  • Quality product at a very good price
  • Provides a soft light without costly electricity bills
  • Creates a blotchy pattern of light
  • Difficult and cumbersome to hang.


The XEPA Outdoor Black Solar LED Post Lamp comes with standard features and a wide range of heights and mounting options. With that said, it can definitely meet your every landscaping or outdoor needs. It requires no electrical wiring and it offers the brightest output.

It is also a great addition to the appearance of your driveway, walkway or other areas outside your home.But remember to ensure that you have securely mounted your XEPA light to a solid surface by using the included mounting hardware.

💡 Paradise GL23716BK Cast-Aluminum Solar-Powered LED Streetlight-Style Outdoor Light

Source: Amazon

Considered as the next generation solar lighting, the Paradise Solar LED Lamp is a trendy outdoor lighting source that is the perfect choice to enhance the appearance of your patio or backyard. It also gives an ambient lighting for any outdoor entertainment area.

This is crafted from durable and weather-resistant cast aluminum materials with a black rust-resistant finish and clear plastic lenses. The device is built to withstand harsh weather conditions.

It is also a maintenance-free, stylish and reliable outdoor lighting option since no bulb change is required. With the power combination of its solar power and LED technology, it provides hours of energy-efficient outdoor lighting for hours on end. The lights are not as bright as a gap lamp or an electric street lamp, but it is eco-friendly.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions since 1997, Paradise Garden Lighting never fails to deliver a nostalgic effect to its Paradise GL23716BK Cast-Aluminum Solar-Powered LED Streetlight-Style Outdoor Light as it boasts its classic design with a modern twist.


With a design similar to an old-fashioned street lampoon cobblestone lanes, the Paradise Garden Solar Lamp exudes a sense of tradition and history. It utilizes solar power and LED technology, making it an efficient and dependable outdoor lighting source.

The GL23702BK also combines the best of modern technology, energy efficiency, and timeless design to transform any outdoor living space and other high-traffic areas on your estate. As for the product’s dimension, it weighs one pound and measures 8.8 X 8.8 X 80 inches.


If you are looking for a low-maintenance illumination without compromising on high style, then this Paradise Garden Lighting product is perfect for you! Known for its top-of-the-line and innovative outdoor light fixtures, the GL23716BL takes pride of its impressive features.

Lighting – Can serve as a welcoming beacon of the solar lamp in your home, the fixture is equipped with 12 bright white LED bulbs that deliver a consistent luminous flux of 14 lumens that are perfect to light up walkways, patios, and driveways, among many others.

Solar Panels – The fixture is also equipped with four large solar panels that are located at the top of the posts. These panels aim to maximize the energy absorption from the sun’s rays to power the lamp.

On/Off Switch – The device also comes with an automatic On and Off switch that turns on automatically at dusk and turns off if it’s already dark outside, without any cost of operation.

Rechargeable Batteries and Easy Installation Feature – To further optimize charging throughout the day for dependable and energy-efficient lighting at night, the device is equipped with three AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. When it comes to installation, it’s pretty simple. There is no wiring is required and the light is ready to go in the ground straight out of the box for use within minutes.

  • Durable, weather- and rust-resistant
  • Impressive design
  • Longevity of the product
  • A bit expensive compared to other solar lamp of the same type
  • Not as bright as gas or electric lamps

Honestly, the main selling factor of this solar-powered lamp is its design but despite the limitations when it comes to its illumination capacity.

Some buyers are impressed with this lamp as it produces it in a forthright, dependable way, not to mention its durability and aesthetic quality.

Other Recommended Solar-Powered Lamp Post

Apart from the aforementioned suggestions, there are still several smart choices of solar-powered lamps that are available in the market. You can find its product descriptions below.

💡 Energizer 77 Inch LED Solar Lamp Post

Another notable brand when it comes to solar-powered lamps is the Energizer 77-Inch LED Solar Lamp Post. Energizer is a trusted brand when it comes to power and lighting so it won’t be a surprise if you have high expectations about this lamp.

The Energizer 77-Inch LED Solar Lamp Post is made from durable high-impact resin and metal with glass lens materials. It is made with movement in mind and its lightweight construction can be easily picked up and moved when needed. It is equipped with ground stakes and anchoring bolts to provide versatility for the solar light.

In addition, the device has a crystalline solar panel that absorbs sunlight during the day to recharge the batteries for nighttime use. Each light includes 4 anchor bolts, a ground stake, and 700 mAh Lithium-ion battery. Each post measures 77 inches tall when assembled.

💡 Gama Sonic GS-94C-D Victorian Solar Lamp Post and Double Downward-Hanging 13-LED Lamp Heads, 90-Inch, Black Finish (Lawn & Patio)

Source: Amazon

Looking for a Victorian-inspired solar lamp? Well, then The Gama Sonic Victorian GS-94C-D solar lamp post is a pretty decent choice. Its downward hanging double lamp heads is the perfect energy-saving and money-saving replacement for any outdated outdoor lighting while its 19th-century-streetlamp design will add style and distinction to your lawn.

With a height of 90 inches tall, the fixture has rust-resistant cast aluminum lamp post features two lanterns with a powder-coated black finish and requires no electrical wiring to set up. Additionally, its Lithium Ion battery pack charges when its 5-Watt solar panel, which shared by the two lamp heads, is exposed to direct sunlight.

For its lighting, there are 13 bright-white LEDs per lantern that will automatically turn on and shine through the beveled glass panes with a total luminous flux of 400 lumens from all the lights combined.

The lamps also boast its dusk-to-dawn performance after their battery pack is fully charged during the day. At times when the panel isn’t getting enough direct sun to charge the battery to capacity, switch

At times when the panel isn’t getting enough direct sun to charge the battery to capacity, switch the LED-brightness mode to low to extend nightly light duration but thanks to Gama Sonic’s patented cone reflector, it enhances the glow and light dispersal in either mode.

Apart from the lamp’s impressive luminosity and light duration, it is also durable and its monocrystalline silicon solar panel is protected by weather-resistant, cleanable tempered glass that helps ensure long-lasting reliability. The replaceable plugged battery pack should last for about 1,000 charges.

Meanwhile, the recharging speed of the lamp will vary based on weather conditions but no charging will occur if the direct sun does not shine on the solar panel so it would be better if you will not locate the lamp post in a shaded area.

💡 Imperial II Solar Lamp Post, Triple Head, Black

Source: Amazon

Another highly recommended product is the Imperial II Solar Lamp Post. It is crafted from weather resistant cast aluminum and it is equipped with 21 ultra-bright LEDs on each of its three heads. Hence, it can definitely boost the lighting situation of any outdoor space such as gardens, parks, driveways, and walkways, among many others.

This solar lamp post is also equipped with an internal monocrystalline solar panel that charges its battery during the day to allow for up to 12 hours of running time at night, not to mention its rechargeable 3.2V/12,000 mAh Lithium-ion battery pack. It provides a total light output of 1,050 lumens(350 x 3).

For your convenience, this solar powered light automatically lights up in darkness and power down on its own come daytime. As for the product’s dimensions, the lamp’s head measures 19 inches(H) x 10.5 inches(W) while the post measures 78 inches in height.

Need-To-Know Facts

It’s a given fact that technology is what’s changing the world now. And as it widely affects the lives of humans, it’s about time inventors comes up with devices that are not only efficient but also environment-friendly. Hence, the rise of solar-powered devices has given people the opportunity to give back and be more considerate to nature.

With the emergence of various solar devices such as solar chargers, solar lamps, solar flashlights and solar backpacks, among many others, let’s delve deeper into how solar lamps can help in the lives of humans, not just based on its aesthetic quality. So, what are solar lamps?

How Do Solar-Powered Lamps Work?

Source: How Stuff Works

As mentioned above, solar lamps are comprised of a solar panel or photovoltaic cells that collect the sun’s energy during the day and store it in a rechargeable gel cell battery.

The intelligent controller senses when there is no longer any energy from the sun and automatically turns the LED light on using a portion of the stored energy in the rechargeable battery.

Just a reminder, to get the best lighting effect, you should place your solar light in an area where it can gather the most sunlight during the day so that it can soak up the energy and store it up for night time use. Most solar lights require from 8 to 10 hours to fully charge and give you the strongest illumination.

Benefits of Solar Lamps

Maybe you are wondering why there’s a need for solar-powered lamps. Aside from the fact they’re easier to install and maintain, they also do not require an electricity cable.

In addition, these lamps are a great alternative to standard grid electric, it is also eco-friendly, energy-savings, durable and cost-efficient. These devices are also beneficial in giving good lighting for any outdoor needs. Aside from this, it adds beauty, security, and safety to our home and surroundings.

Solar lamps have also helped improved literacy and education among students who live in households with no electricity. Meanwhile, if there are several advantages, the use of solar lamps has only one major disadvantage — solar energy output is limited by weather. Hence, it can be less effective if it’s raining, cloudy or winter.

Solar Lamps Vs. Kerosene Lamps

It is already a known fact that kerosene often poses negative impacts on humans’ health, especially when it comes to the lungs. That is why the use of solar energy has been widely advocated and it does not only minimizes the creation of indoor pollution but it also lessens the risks of health-related issues.

The use of solar lamps, however, does have some drawbacks, especially when it comes to the disposal of its photovoltaic panels. The reason? The panels are made of silicon and other toxic metals such as lead that can be difficult to dispose of.

Factors To Consider When Choosing or Buying Solar-Powered Lamps

If you are planning to buy a solar lamp, always remember that the type depends on the intended use — whether its purpose is to illuminate walkways, pathways, driveways, patios, gardens, pool area or any other outdoor spaces.

But aside from determining the intended use of the device, it is also important to consider these following factors before buying one.

1. Lighting Range

If you are looking for solar lamps to illuminate your patio or for security purposes, then considering the lighting range of the device is vital for you.

Solar-powered lamps can cast light from a range of 2 feet up to 38 feet. Some may prefer a shorter range but some want a product that can cover a wider area.

2. Type of Bulbs

If you want a more focused range, then it should be best to choose those solar lamps with LED lights. LEDs create a softer and more subdued lighting effect, giving decorative lighting around your home and patio and can focus on a particular spot. If you want a less focused glow, however, then choose incandescent light.

3. Brightness

The brightness of the solar lamp depends on the brightness of the sun and it is usually rated in either lumens or candelas. Light bulbs and LEDs are rated in lumens, which measure the light output at the source.

LED indicators, on the other hand, are rated in candelas, which measure the light that falls on a surface.

The output of the light varies, depending on the types of lamps. Some can produce about 15 to 20 lumens, giving off a soft light or a warm amber glow.

There are also lights that can produce a much brighter and harsher light with a luminous flux of up to 787. But take note, LED lights produce a brighter light and last much longer than other bulbs.

Source: Homezanin

Moreover, LED lights are about five times more efficient in their energy usage than incandescent bulbs.

So, when looking for solar lamps, never forget to look for the number of lumens. And if you need a good lighting source in your garden area, then you should choose a lower level of brightness to generate ambient light.

But when you need to illuminate your walkways, driveways or swimming pool area, then it’s best to choose a much stronger light for security purposes.

Meanwhile, the brightness of solar lamps also depends on how well they recharge and the quality of the rechargeable solar battery that will self-discharge over time. In order to ensure maximum brightness, it is recommended to charge your device at least every three months so the battery will last its lifespan of 1 to 2 years.

4. Number of Lights

This factor should also be considered but it usually depends on the location and the size of the area you want to illuminate. If you want to light up your entire lawn or backyard, it is best to have multiple solar lamps installed around the area.

5. Changeable Setting

Most if not all solar lamps are equipped with just one setting like manual ON/OFF switch. But there are some that can automatically turn off at dawn and on again at dusk.

There are also some that come with multiple light settings so you can change the mood and ambient lighting depending on the occasion. If you want to illuminate a dinner party subtly, then the adjustable brightness features such as the Blinking/Flashing and Steady modes come in handy.

In addition, there are some solar lamps that allow you to adjust the direction of the light to wherever you need the light the most.

The changeable setting option can also be a useful feature when using solar-powered lamps for added illumination or motion detection in areas such as garages or workshops.

6. Batteries

The most highly suggested solar lamps come with lithium-ion batteries, which give you the power to recharge the batteries when needed.

To get the best battery life, recharge the batteries fully before using them. If you are going to be using your solar light every day, make sure to replace the battery regularly.

Remember, the battery life depends on the strength of the battery. Some batteries can last from 4 to 6 hours and a maximum of 9 hours.

7. Cost

When searching for any solar-powered devices, its cost or price is always a significant factor to take note. There are products that cost much but with features that are not worth it.

You also need to be mindful that using higher-quality photovoltaic cells and larger LED bulbs can cost more. Despite the costly price, they tend to produce more light over a greater distance.

Conclusion—Wrapping Up!

As you look for the best solar lamps in the market, you should consider that these products come in various types and sizes. So, it would be a smart idea if you are sure of the type of solar-powered lamps that suit your needs.

Ask yourself — Are you going to use it for your garden, patio or walkway? How about your outdoor living areas or for security purposes?

But overall, with the products’ ease of installation, movability, and wide variety, solar lamps are indeed a practical addition to your traditional lighting source choices.

So, are you ready to take your pick? Share your choices in the comment section below to help others decide what’s best for them too!

Best Solar Flashlights – Waterproof, Rechargeable, Hand Crank Charger, Hybrid Solar Flashlights

Source: Amazon

In the last decade, the use of solar-powered devices has been touted promising and beneficial to Mother Nature. And with the influence of technology, several manufacturers have come up with various solar devices such as backpacks, lanterns and flashlights, among many others.

Some of you might wonder that most solar-powered devices are seemed designed for outdoor use or say, going camping. But these devices’ functionality and use are not only limited to outdoor activities.

Let’s take the solar flashlights as an example. Indeed, this device is a must-have tool when going outdoors but this is also a lifesaver during emergency and power outages! Do you agree with me?

That is why, this article aims to deliver the much-needed information about the various solar-powered flashlights available in the market today. We will also help you understand why solar flashlights are important and what are the top brands and why are they rated as such.

What is a Solar Flashlight?

Just like any other solar-powered devices, solar flashlights or torches are handheld lighting sources that have the ability to absorb the energy emitted by the sun and store it in its rechargeable batteries. These devices also use LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) lamps that can give useful levels of illumination up to 50 meters.

At times, there are other models with extra features, just like some products added to this list. Typically, solar flashlights are designed to be waterproof, submersible and impact-resistant.

Solar FlashlightsPrice CheckRatingLight OutputAdvantagesPrice
Gen RR Hybrid Solar Flashlight Price Check41W LED/40 LumensBEST VALUE$
ECEEN Solar FlashlightPrice Check4.51W LED/150 LumensBRIGHTEST FLASHLIGHT$$
SECUR Hand Crank Solar LED FlashlightPrice Check4.51 LED and 3 LED/3 and 8 LumensGREAT PRICE$
ThorFire Solar-Powered LED Flashlight Price Check4.5LED Light SourceHIGHLY RECOMMENDED$$
MECO Hand Cranking Solar FlashlightPrice Check4.5LED Light Source/About 200 LumensMust Have$$$
OxyLED MD10 Multi-Functional Solar FlashlightPrice Check4.53W LED/200 LumensTOP-RATED OUTDOOR LIGHT$$$

The Best Solar Flashlights Of 2017

When choosing the best solar-powered flashlight, it is important to take note of its functionality, quality, and effectiveness in addressing your needs. To help you cut your reading time, we do the research for you. So, if you are looking for one of the best, then you will find it in our list below.

🔦 MECO Hand Cranking Solar-Powered Rechargeable Flashlight

Source: Amazon

Considered the top choice and a must-have, the MECO solar flashlight is perfect for any outdoor activities.

It is very basic and does not brag any fancy features but it is equipped with a solar panel, making it easier for you to charge while staying outdoors.

The product even has the cranking feature, which help restore the power on its rechargeable batteries. It is also compact, durable and doesn’t need batteries as it is equipped with a solar panel on its backside.


This device is a mini flashlight with a quick-to-use carabiner clip design, which means it can be easily fastened to a backpack or a pocket and take it anywhere and anytime.

This is also classically designed to have a popular Fashion OutSports style with an Army Green vs. Dim Gray color. As for the product’s dimension, it measures 124 x 45 x 32 millimeters (2.36 x 5.91 x 1.97 inches) and weighs at 86 grams (4.06 ounces).


One of the best solar-powered flashlights in the market, this perfectly tailored emergency device may have some very basic features yet it is extremely useful. Listed below are the product’s notable features.

Built-In Rechargeable Battery – This emergency flashlight is equipped with a built-in nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable battery that stores energy for a long time. Even though the light levels differs with the times of the day, the flashlight can be placed directly under the sun or any artificial light and it will absorb and store energy for hours even under low solar radiation conditions, noting a one minute solar charge may give off 5 to 15 minutes of light (Just take note, it doesn’t yield consistent results).

Tight and High Conversion Efficiency Cranking System – If you think about the battery running out of power at night, worry no more as the device is just a crank away and tada! — The power is restored. With its highly efficient utilization of Kinetic energy (the energy of the object while in motion), a minute of cranking can provide 10 minutes of light (>2rps).

Light Source Type – The device’s light source type is LED (Light-Emitting Diode), which can be more efficient, durable, versatile and long lasting compared to incandescent and compact fluorescent lights. Hence, this flashlight is an excellent solution for extended power outages, as well as in situations where light or power will be stored for a long period of time. Its light also produces about 200 lumens.

  • Simple and Functional
  • Bright LED Light
  • Efficient Cranking System
  • Has Self-Generating Power (Dynamo and Solar)
  • Affordable and Easy-to-Use
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Carabineer isn’t user-friendly

Overall, the MECO Hand Cracking Solar-Powered Rechargeable Flashlight is a highly recommended flashlight for all outdoor enthusiasts out there.

In fact, it is the perfect emergency flashlight for backup. It’s cheap, lightweight, efficient and easy-to-use, making it an ultimate must-have for people who love staying outdoors.

🔦 OxyLED MD10 Multi-Functional Solar Flashlight

Source: Amazon

If you are looking for a top-rated outdoor light, then the OxyLED MD10 Multi-Functional Flashlight is the perfect device for you! It exemplifies the value of being multifunctional. The only drawback of this device is its price.

But despite being one of the most expensive solar flashlights, its value is all worth it! The reason? Purchasing this device is like getting an all-inclusive survival kit as it comes with a flashlight, a warning light, a compass, magnet, cutting knife, an attack hammer and a rechargeable light source.

With the inclusion of the aforementioned accessories, it’s safe to assume this solar-powered flashlight is designed for those who love staying outdoors compared to using it for emergency power outages at home.


Made with quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel, this flashlight is designed for durability. To prevent from slipping, the device boasts its skid-proof design and to endure the harsh outdoor conditions, it was made from a water-resistant level of IP65 materials.

As for its dimensions, it has a total length of 197 millimeters with its head diameter measuring 45 millimeters, 31 millimeters for its pipe diameter and 33 millimeters for its tail diameter. For its weight, it measures 310 grams.


Since the OxyLED MD10 is an all-in-one gadget, it serves with multi-functions. And its functionality comes with a series of impressive features that makes it unique from the rest of solar-powered flashlights in the market. So, let’s check out its features below and see why it’s really one of the most top-rated devices in the market.

Light and Flashlight Modes – This device has five light modes that consist of three brightness level, strobe and an SOS function. For its three flashlight modes, it can be adjusted full bright, semi-bright and strobe lights. It can also be zoomable and its irradiation distance is 200 meters courtesy of its 3-Watt LED lights with an output of 200 lumens.

Power and Illumination Time – As for the device’s power or luminous flux, its front light has an output of 200 lumens (LM) with 150 LM (SMD2835 LED – 10 side white LEDs) plus a wavelength of 620-625nanometers (SMD2835 LED – 10 side red LEDs).

As for its illumination time, its front light delivers 100 percent brightness for 3 to 4 hours, 50 percent brightness for 5 to 6 hours and strobe light is 5 to 6 hours as well.As for its side white LED light, it gives 100 percent brightness for 3 to 4hours and 50 percent for brightness 6 to 7 hours.When it comes to its side red LED light, it gives off 6 to 7 hours quick flash and slow flash.

Rechargeable Battery – It comes with a 2000 mAh18650battery (18 millimeters by 65 millimeters and refers to the size classification of lithium-ion batteries) that can be recharged either through solar power or micro USB cable.

Bottom USB Port – Aside from the aforementioned features, it also has a bottom USB output port, which can give you the opportunity to charge your phone and other digital devices in cases of emergency.

Work Light Mode, Emergency Light Mode – This device also brags its work light mode that comes in handy when you will put into a situation that you need to repair your car. The emergency light mode, on the other hand, can be useful as a warning sign when you had a car break down.

Other Added Features – As for extra accessories, the device is equipped with a safety or glass-shattering hammer that can be used to crack the car window in cases of emergencies. It also has a magnet, which is perfect for storing or mounting the device to use it hands-free. It also has a tactical knife for cutting seat belts and other things.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Multifunctional
  • Water-Resistant
  • High-Quality
  • Very Bright and Useful
  • Works only in one mode unless the battery was fully charged
  • Expensive

If you’re looking for a multifunctional gear, then this solar-powered flashlight is best for you! The OxyLED MD10 Multi-Functional Solar Flashlight is not only ideal for outdoor adventures such as camping, hunting or hiking as it can also be used in times of emergencies.

What is more interesting about this device and what really made it the most perfect outdoor flashlight is the fact that it can also be your ultimate survival gear as you can use it in self-defense.

🔦 ECEEN Waterproof Solar-Powered Flashlight

Source: Amazon

If you think you already had the best choice from the aforementioned products, you had it all wrong because there’s more.

In fact, the ECEEN Solar-Powered Flashlights is heating up the competition for being one of the best solar flashlights in the market.

This is lightweight, compact and portable, and perfect to use indoors or outdoors, in the house, in vehicles and in outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, among many others.

This device is eco-friendly and has the most powerful light to brag. It is an ideal lighting product for living, traveling, camping, driving and outdoor use. Learn more below.


The ECEEN Solar-Powered Flashlight boasts its ergonomic design, which focuses on providing comfort. It has a sleek and lean design for easy handling, solid build for durability.

For comfort and stability, the handle is made of anti-slip textured aluminum alloy. Additionally, it is waterproof, portable and very durable, thanks to its all-weather cast metal design. With its durable Stainless Steel material, it protects the flashlight from moist, outside intrusion and dust etc.

It has a galvanized reflective light shade.It also has a compact size of 6.68 inches in length with 1.38 inches diameter size and it weighs 0.39 pounds.


If you are in search of a solar-powered flashlight that has the brightest light, then the ECEEN Waterproof Solar-Powered Flashlight is the perfect gear for you! But aside from having the most powerful and the best light in class, this product also boasts several notable features.

Built-In Solar Panel – This high-powered flashlight can be charged by its built-in 5V solar panel, providing you with free reign of unlimited power for your daytime and night-time adventures. In sunny days, you can utilize the clean and natural energy from the sun to power your flashlight. It could also be charged when put the product in the area with enough natural light.

Through the use of its 2V/80 mAh solar panels, it can be fully charged in 8 hours under the sun while 4 to 5 hours via its USB cable. A full charge equals 3 to 4 hours of power and it holds a charge over 3 years. The flashlight could work for about 4 hours of straight or continuous use.

High Bright LED Light – With its super bright and eco-friendly 1-Watt LED that consumes less power and emit a brighter light, it provides150 lumens of light that reach a distance of 20 meters.

With 3.7V/500mAh internal rechargeable battery – Solar Powered LED Silver Flashlight with 500mAh Rechargeable Battery Backup Inside and Includes a US. -t comes with a high capacity rechargeable battery (600mAH) that can store sufficient power for longer duration. It is also rechargeable via USB cable. If it is cloudy or night time and you need to charge the device, do not worry as you can charge it by AC charger.

Internal 500 mAhLithium Ion Battery – This flashlight has a high capacity rechargeable battery pack that can store sufficient power to give the device the needed energy for longer duration. It can be recharged in two modes — outdoor charging with the built-in solar panel or indoor charging by an AC charger or USB cable. It also provide a wrist lanyard.

  • Solid-built
  • Lightweight, Rugged and Durable
  • With Anti-Slip Texture
  • Bright LED Light
  • All-Weather Toughness and Usability
  • Water-Resistant
  • Cool Style
  • Not that bright in comparison to other alternative flashlights
  • Proprietary Charge Cable (which means if you lose it, you’ll be stuck on solar recharges)
  • No Charging-Indicator Lamp
  • Quite Expensive

All in all, the ECEEN Waterproof Solar-Powered Flashlight is one of most highly recommended camping gears in the market. So, if you want a flashlight with the brightest light, then this is ideal for you!

The reason? Its biggest selling factor is its 1-Watt LED light with 150 lumens power output, giving you a lighting distance of 20 meters.

🔦 ThorFire LED Solar Powered Flashlight with Hand Cranking

Source: Amazon

We have already tackled three of the best solar-powered flashlight but there’s still one device that has always been included in the list of several review sites.

I’m talking about the Thorfire LED Flashlight Solar-Powered and Hand Cranking, which is one of the devices that have earned great reviews.

This very durable flashlight is ideal for those who are looking for an all-around solid option for a solar-powered lighting device. Read more on how this device gains such positive feedbacks from its users.


The product delivers excellent performance with a Mission-Style design and made of IPX6-rated plastic materials. It is waterproof and submersible up to 45 feet. It has a size dimension of 5.8 x 1.8 x 2.4 inches and weighs 6.2 ounces.


Unlike other solar flashlights with fancy features, the ThorFire LED Solar Powered Flashlight with Hand Cranking does not have any of those yet it promises to perform well. With that said, I’m sure you are getting curious about its special features. So without giving some padding, listed below are its noteworthy features.

Solar Panel – The device is equipped with a 5.5V/20mA solar panel that allows it to collect and store hours of energy from the sun or any artificial light to generate power when you needed it most. It can be used for 4 hours continuously. After an hour exposure to direct sunlight, it can produce 120 minutes of light and 140 minutes of flashing.

Battery Pack – Even though the device can provide a timely illumination without the necessity of external batteries, it has an internal 80 mAh/3.6V NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) battery. It boasts high conversion efficiency.

Lighting Modes and Charging Methods – The device has two lighting models — 1 LED/3 LEDs or Strobe. As for its charging methods, it can either be through solar power and hand-cranking.

Hand-Cranking – As for its hand-cranking feature, a minute of cranking will generate enough power to 80 minutes of usage with 1 LED light or 60 minutes with all 3 LEDs or 110 minutes of flashing.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient
  • Easy to Crank
  • Sturdy and Long-Lasting
  • More expensive than most of the other options
  • “Low” Setting is fairly useless
  • Not bright enough
  • Annoying Levels of Light Cycle


TheThorFire LED Solar Powered Flashlight with Hand Cranking is a very durable and lightweight. It will definitely fit perfectly into any practical uses — whether indoors, outdoors, vehicles, while camping or hiking.

Unfortunately, its major drawback is being more expensive than most of the other solar-powered lighting source options.

🔦 SecurWaterproof Hand Crank Solar-Powered LED Flashlight

Source: Amazon

Looking for a solar flashlight with the best price? If yes, then Secur’s Waterproof Hand Crank Solar-Powered LED Flashlight is the device you’re searching for!

Equipped with impressive technical features, one could never go wrong in choosing this device.

This device does not only comes handy during outdoor adventures. In fact, it will also help you survive even if you in a middle of a dark cave or at any place that does not have access to sunlight, all thanks to its remarkable features!


The Secur Waterproof Hand Crank Solar-Powered LED Flashlight is designed to be rainproof and windproof, not to mention to withstand unexpected and rugged weather conditions. Hence, it is a perfect survival tool at its finest.

In addition, the manufacturer said the product is also designed to be completely waterproof, which means it is submersible in the water. But take note, the limitation for the depth in which you can bring the device is no more than 45 feet.

It is also designed for continued use during storms, floods and other natural disasters. As for its dimension, the flashlight measures 6 x 2.5 x 1.75 inches and weighs about half a pound or 6.5 ounces.


If you are always going into the wilderness and needs the best light source companion, then Secur Waterproof Hand Crank Solar-Powered LED Flashlight is perfect for you!

Lighting — The device is equipped with 1 LED/ 3 LEDs light that gives off a maximum luminous flux of 3 lumens and 8 lumens respectively. When fully charged, the lighting time of the 3 LEDs is up to 4 hours. In addition, it has three types of LED use — 1 LED light, 3 LED Light, 3 LED Flashing light.

Charging — When it comes to charging, this solar flashlight can be powered up through its built-in hand crank dynamo generator or its internal solar panel. For the specifications, its built-in battery capacity is an 80 mAh/3.6V Ni-MH type while its solar panel has a specification of 5.5V/20mA.

As for the lighting time, a minute of cranking can give 60 minutes of power for 3 LEDs, 80 minutes for 1 LED and 110 minutes of flashing. For the solar panel, the 8-hour full charged time under direct sunlight yields a flash frequency of about 2Hz while an hour of absorbing the solar energy can give off 90 minutes for 3 LEDS, 120 minutes for 1 LED and 140 minutes of flashing time.

Electronic Switch — The flashlight is controlled by a long-lasting electronic switch. Its switch lifetime is 100,000 times.

  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Rainproof and Waterproof
  • Charges Easily
  • Very Sturdy
  • Cheap
  • Well-Made
  • Issues on not being fully waterproof
  • Poor Lighting
  • Weak Battery

Despite some negative reviews for being not able to work underwater with a depth of 45 meters, Secur Waterproof Hand Crank Solar-Powered LED Flashlight is indeed a budget-friendly choice.

With its high power LEDs and its weather-resistant features, this device is certainly one of the best-valued survival or emergency flashlight in the market. So, why not give this self-sustaining tool a try?

🔦 Gen RR Hybrid Solar Powered Flashlight

Source: Amazon

Considered a pretty decent investment and one of the best-valued products, the Gen RR Hybrid Solar Flashlights are light weight but not small.

The big selling factor for this product is its ability to preserve its charge even when stored and not exposed to direct sunlight. So, if you are looking for a simple and reliable light source for any emergency situations or for your outdoor activities, then this hybrid is a good choice.

This also floats and can withstand any form of abuse and rugged weather conditions. It is called a hybrid flashlight because of a cap on the butt of the light that holds two button batteries for backup.


With a size of 7 x 14 x 2 inches and weighing at 0.75 pounds, this solar-powered flashlight is not affected by extreme temperatures, making it an ideal survival tool. It is made of durable and high-quality ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic materials.

This device is also designed to be impact-resistant and 100 percent waterproof. It is submersible under 80 feet of water and it won’t affect its performance.


Dubbed as the ultimate survival flashlight in the market, the Gen RR Hybrid Solar Powered Flashlight is very simple but dependable. It may not brag any fancy features but this regular-looking flashlight has some impressive functions every outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists need.

Lighting – This hybrid light is equipped with a super bright 1-Watt 2X LED that boasts its 11-year of continuous burn time and when turned on at night time only, then it will have a 22-year burn time. With a light luminous flux of about 40 to 120 lumens, it can continuously give light for 10 to 16 hours even on a single charge.

Battery and Charging – The device is also equipped with durable lithium button batteries and a solar panel that can be charged under direct sunlight or even indoor or artificial lighting. It also holds a single charge for more than three years and if stored in a glove box or a drawer, it can still come fully charged.

Simple Power Cycle – Due to the minimalist design of the product, its function is pretty simple. In fact, it just needs a single click on its power button on the body of the light and you can use its solar battery. Click again to engage the lithium battery and one more click to power off.

  • Reasonable Price
  • Solid-Build and Well-Made
  • Lightweight and Reliable
  • Waterproof, Submersible and Impact-Resistant
  • Takes a long time to charge
  • Confusing power function modes
  • Not useful for deep storage

Despite some QC issues, which some can be solved by studying its detailed video guides online, the Gen RR Hybrid Solar Powered Flashlight is indeed one of the best survival and solar-powered flashlight in the market.

If you want a lightweight, durable, bright, inexpensive, waterproof and reliable light source you can use during emergency situations and in going outdoors, then this product is certainly a decent solar lighting option.

Other Highly Recommended Solar Flashlights

When it comes to getting an ultimate survival gear, one of the most essential things to have is a good and dependable light source such as flashlights and lanterns. It’s a given fact that darkness only makes survival or emergency situations more challenging and precarious but a reliable flashlight can be an ultimate lifesaver. That’s why, aside from the top six solar-powered flashlights, we also included some other highly recommended ones in the next section.

🔦 Always PreparedEmergency Flashlight & Radio

Source: Amazon

This is an environment-friendly, lightweight, low-maintenance and reliable device with multifunction features. It is equipped with 10,000-12,000 MCD (Millicandela) LED lights that are bright enough to light a path about 15 to 20 feet.

Ideal for roadside emergencies of power outages, this all-in-one survival tool can be charged in three ways — under direct sunlight, built-in hand crank or upgraded USB port.

Apart from the LED Flashlight, it is also equipped with an AM/FM radio that has great reception and strong signal. Additionally, its medium-sized 500 mAh battery also comes handy in times of emergencies. It also has a siren and blinking features.

🔦 IvationWaterproof Solar & Hand Crank Rechargeable Flashlight

Source: Amazon

This solar flashlight has 3 super bright LED lights that can be charged through its Hand Crank power generator or under direct sunlight with a solar panel. Featuring 8 lumens of light, this device is perfect for any indoor or outdoor use.

Made with IPX6 waterproof materials, this device is submersible up to 45 feet. It also brags its soft rubber finish Skid Proof coat design, not to mention its built-in 180 mAh/3.6V Ni-MH Battery.

🔦 Energizer SOLCKCCBP Carabiner Solar Crank LED Flashlight

Source: Amazon

Another notable solar flashlight is Energizer 3-LED Solar Rechargeable Carabineer Crank Flashlight, which features two potential power sources — solar energy and kinetic crank energy. It is lightweight and hands-free while its 3 LED lights provide 13 lumens of bright white light with its light beams reach a distance of 33 meters.

The device is also equipped with a large solar panel that makes it easy to charge while it’s expedient and sturdy carabineer clip makes it easier for the device to be attached on backpacks and tents. Most importantly, the device also offers renewable power and exceptional performance with LED light sources that there’s no need of replacing.

Need-To-Know Facts

As this article discussed the most highly recommended solar flashlights, I think most of us can relate to the experience of running out of a battery power and having no access to a light source while on a camping trip or any outdoor adventure.

Perhaps you have also experienced power outages or a car breakdown in the middle of the night. In these incidents, you’ll probably agree that a self-sufficient light source or a solar-powered flashlight can be a total lifesaver! So, what exactly are solar flashlights?

How Solar Flashlights Work?

Deemed as innovative inventions, solar flashlights are similar to regular flashlights, which have various designs. But instead of batteries or being dependent on charging through a wall outlet, there is a small solar array of photovoltaic cells embedded in the handle, through which the flashlight is easily charged. These devices also use LED bulb.

Significance and Benefits

Source: Green Living Guide

It is a given fact that not all people in the world have access to electricity. As a matter of fact, one major reason solar-powered flashlights were invented was to deliver a stable source of light in areas where there’s erratic or no power supply. These devices were not only useful to outdoor adventures but also emergency situations. That is why they are also considered essential survival tools.

As for its benefits, one of the most important is its shelf-life or its ability to not need replacement batteries for years. In addition, it is always usable, lightweight and eco-friendly.


If there are benefits, there are also some disadvantages in using solar flashlights. Perhaps the biggest challenge in using these devices is its need to be consistently recharged. Another is having an unreliable power source as we don’t always get to experience bright and sunny days, noting the fact we could get some cloudy or rainy days as well. And the last but not the least, it has a shorter run time, which the average is only at almost 15 hours.

Solar Flashlights Vs. Primary Battery Flashlights

One major difference between solar flashlights and the conventional battery-operated flashlights is perhaps seen in its effect on the environment. Solar ones need not be manually recharged. Pollution from discarded batteries is also reduced as solar flashlights do not need them as compared to normal flashlights. But the solar-powered ones have limited light output and run time as it depends on the amount of solar energy that can be absorbed in a day.

Why are Solar Flashlights the Best Option?

If you are in the middle of nowhere or out to explore the wilderness, solar-powered flashlights are the best option for survival tools. The reason? Darkness could pose great risks and threats. It can also be used in power outages and emergency situations. Unfortunately, these devices may not be ideal or recommended in areas where poor weather conditions are the norm.

BUYER’s GUIDE: Factors to Consider When Choosing or Buying Solar Flashlights

Choosing solar flashlights or any devices, for instance, is indeed a challenging task and will never be a walk in the park. But I think the best thing to remember is to get to know the product, its specifications and features and if they suit your needs. So, of course, the first thing to do is identify your flashlight needs. Do you need it for your next outdoor trip or during power outages? Do you need it underwater or just in the dry land? After identifying your needs, it’s time to consider some important factors and they are listed below.

 Run Time/Battery Life

Source: Innovations Inventions

The run time, which is measured in hours, is one of the most important factors to consider in choosing the best solar-powered flashlight that suits your needs. It is usually given for each light setting and sometimes, manufacturers provide a runtime graph to illustrate the performance of the light over time.

The average runtime for most solar flashlight is around 15 hours but there are also some models that only have 10 hours or below. So to get most for your money, it is better to look for or choose flashlights that run for as long as possible.


Another important factor to ponder is the product’s bulb type. Even though most solar-powered flashlights are equipped with LED bulbs, incandescent lights such as krypton bulbs still do exist. But always remember, a LED flashlight always have a longer runtime, more energy efficient, impact resistance and brightness options. With the advancements in LED technology, other bulb types have been considered almost superseded.

Recharge Time and Charge Life

In addition to the first two factors, recharge time and charge life are also important things to consider. Recharge time refers to the time that a flashlight takes to be fully charged and the average recharge time for a solar flashlight is around 6 hours of direct sunlight exposure. But one important thing to remember is NEVER sacrifice run time over recharge time. A flashlight with a lesser or longer recharge time but have a good run time is still a good option.

Charge life, on the other hand, refers to the time the device start to lose their charge after long periods of time in storage or without use. As for average charge life for a solar flashlight, it is around two years or more.

Size, Weight, Shape and Materials

Aside from the technical specs, it is also important to put the physical aspects of a flashlight into consideration. For the size, smaller flashlights are more practical for emergencies while a heavier one does not ensure to shine brighter.

As for its materials and shape, most flashlights are made from either plastic or aluminum alloy. Some types may be made of stainless steel for added impact resistance but take note, those that are thinner are lighter while thicker ones are much tougher. For the shape, most flashlights are cylindrical in shape but they tend to roll around when laid on a surface. Fortunately, there are some models that are designed to resist rolling, to reduce slipping or provide grip.

Brightness/Light Output

If you think bigger flashlights are better, think again as it’s not always the case. For a flashlight’s light output, an efficient LED torch should be able to provide an output of over 60 lumens. With that said, the solar flashlight models range from 60 to 300, but a few powerful ones can provide up to 700 lumens. But take note, the higher the light output means the device consumes more power.

As for its brightness, the amount or the size of bulbs do not necessarily mean they are brighter than the others. So, I suggest to carefully read and check several reviews as it suggests that more bulbs aren’t necessarily bigger and brighter.

Power Source and Battery Type

Source: AliExpress

When looking for a reliable and efficient flashlight, another important factor to consider is its power source. Flashlights are usually powered by either disposable or rechargeable batteries. But since we are looking for a survival type of flashlights, it is very important to ensure if the devices have an alternative power source aside from an electrical outlet or alkaline batteries. Hence, the best types are those with solar panel and hand crank features.

As for the battery type, the availability and the type of the replacement batteries are equally important factors to consider in selecting a solar flashlight. It can either be disposable, rechargeable or renewable.

For disposable, CR123A is the most common choice but it is expensive and much harder to find. As for the readily available ones, AAA or AA are also common. For rechargeable ones, the most common are the built-in lithium-ion batteries, which can be recharged through a USB connection or through an AC/DC outlet or solar panel and for the renewable types, those are flashlights with an internal battery pack that can be energized by a hand crank or solar panels.

Beam Type and Distance

As for the beam type and distance, it is essential to know or determine if the product has several beam settings such as a focused beam, which can assist you in hunting or looking for an object in the dark. The flood option, on the other hand, will light up the surrounding area while the strobe function comes handy for self-defense and the SOS distress is for emergency purposes.

As for the beam distance, which is measured in meters, this will determine how far the light will shine before the illumination weakens to the equivalent of the light from a full moon. For safe and careful outdoor use, full moon brightness is preferred.

Durability and Resistance

You may probably agree that a good survival solar-powered flashlight must be highly resistant to damage and waterproof. The device could also be made of top-notched quality materials that are tested under extreme duress. Remember, the impact resistance is measured in meters while the flashlight’s water resistance can be rated using the IPX system.


Aside from the aforementioned factors, it is also not a bad idea to consider the added features or accessories when choosing a solar flashlight but take note to never sacrifice the much-needed feature or specs. Handy extras may include a built-in compass, stun gun, cutter, lanyards, belt clip or holsters, lens filter and diffusers, which may provide added lighting options.


To sum it up, each and every one of us need a reliable and durable survival flashlight and the best choice is a solar-powered flashlight. Choosing may be a very daunting task but as a modern-day survivalist, we should never settle for less.

So, choose carefully and wisely but aside from considering the extra features, it is also a must to ponder on the pros and cons of the device. In finding a solar-powered flashlight, you should also focus on its good specification, quality, effectiveness and most especially, if it really suits your needs.

With all the aforementioned information, have you chosen the solar flashlight that suits your needs? Or do you own any of the aforementioned solar flashlights on the list? If you do, please share your experiences below to help other readers decide which product is best for them.

Best Solar Speakers – Wireless, Bluetooth, Rechargeable, Waterproof Solar Speakers, Music Box, Woofers

Source: Kickstarter

Music makes the world go round. Personally, I love to workout, move around or do the household chores with pump up music in the background.

On the other hand, when I feel lonely or want to relax, I just play the appropriate melody, so using the best solar speakers are a must-have for me.

What Are the Best Solar-Powered Speakers of 2017?

Are you also that attached to speakers? If you want to take your favorites sounds outdoor during picnics or camping, you need not look for any power source, thanks to solar speakers! With this device, you won’t be stressing about jamming outdoors all day and night. Most importantly, you need not fear that your device might run out of power.

Perhaps, by now you are already wondering what the best solar-powered speakers on the market are. Well, we are here to help. So, to cut your research time short we provide you the top solar speakers in the next section.

Solar SpeakersPrice CheckRatingInternal BatteryPrice
EcoXGear Sol Jam Solar Waterproof SpeakerPrice Check3.53 hours$$$
Youmoon Wireless Bluetooth Solar SpeakerPrice Check46 hours$
Eton Rukus XL Solar Wireless Sound SystemPrice Check48 hours$$
Braven BRV-PRO+SOLAR Bluetooth SpeakerPrice Check412 hours$$$
Goal Zero 94013 Rock Out 2 Black Solar Rechargeable SpeakerPrice Check410 hours$$

Top 5 Best Solar Speakers Of 2017 

If you’re venturing out into the lap of nature, these convenient and eco-friendly devices will never fail you. All you have to do is read the product information below and choose the best solar speaker that suits your needs.

📻 ECOXGEAR Sol Jam Solar-Powered Waterproof Speaker

Source: iLounge

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, ECOXGEAR has worked hard to create a product that exudes their commitment to producing high-quality outdoor devices.

That is why its Sol Jam solar speaker has been designed ready for rugged conditions and is built to be durable. It also delivers great audio and with its impressive features, it’s no surprise the ECOXGEAR Sol Jam is one of the best solar-powered speakers in the market.


With its IPX7 waterproof, dust-proof, floating and rugged drop-proof design, the ECOXGEAR Sol Jam solar Bluetooth speaker is built like a box that can provide musical entertainment all day. This portable speaker weighs 1.5 pounds and has a dimension of 6 x 7 x 4 inches. Since this device is waterproof, it can be submerged in water with a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

If you are canoeing and it accidentally fell into the water, it can still survive the plunge and will float until you fish it out. What’s more interesting about this product is its ability to play music while underwater but take note, ECOXGEAR Sol Jam is not intended for listening to music in the water as the quality of the sound is best heard if the device is not submerged in the water.


With its impressive design comes a series of remarkable features. So, if you are looking for a portable speaker with a stylish pattern and minimalistic branding, then the ECOXGEAR Sol Jam is perfect for you. So, check out its features below.

Solar Panel – This device is equipped with a high-efficiency solar panel from Suncore. It is designed to produce about 350mA of current. In addition, the 1.5-Watt solar panel can be fully charged within 3 hours.

When playing at high volume, the device consumes about 300-400 mA of current. But remember, if you use the charge out port on the device, it will use up to 1000mA of current, so the panel will not be able to keep up with the power drain and the battery level will drop.


Battery – Aside from the solar panel, the device is also powered by a rechargeable built-in Lithium battery that provides 12 hours of play time at average setting. As long as the master power switch is on, the solar charging circuit of the device will remain on and will continue to charge the battery.

From a single charge, you will get over 10 hours of playtime. As for its charging time, it usually takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge from a low battery state.

Bluetooth Connectivity – The device can be connected to any device via Bluetooth connectivity. It is designed and tested to exceed 30 feet from the Bluetooth device. The device can connect to laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. It is also compatible with all Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices.

Other Features – Aside from the aforementioned features, the device is equipped with a separate volume and track navigation controls.If you are worried about a speakerphone feature, ECOXGEAR Sol Jam solar speaker does not need an additional hardware for the said feature. In fact, you can hear the phone call ring through the speaker once your smartphone is paired with the speaker.

The device also has micro USB speaker charge jack, USB type A device charge jack and 3.5 millimeters auxiliary input jack. It also includes USB to AC adapter wall charger.


Equipped with two loud 10-Watt speakers (a total of 20-Watt) and large passive subwoofer, the ECOXGEAR will certainly meet your expectations.These weather-proof speakers can get pretty loud for a small gathering. The speakers also work well with all genres of music but we suggest to stick to simple songs. Unfortunately, this type of speaker is not recommended for classical music enthusiast, a standard non-solar-powered Bluetooth wireless speaker would be a smarter choice.

  • Waterproof, dust-proof, rugged drop-proof design
  • It’s solar-powered
  • Charges within 3 hours under direct sunlight
  • Longer battery life (12-hour)
  • Equipped with track navigation buttons
  • Sound quality could be better for its price
  • Longevity issue on the product


If you need a solar speaker for outdoor parties or when you go to the beach, then the ECOXGEAR Sol Jam Solar-Powered Speaker is great for you! With its IPX7 waterproof standard, you’ll enjoy listening to music whether in the ocean, with a hot tub or on the pool without any worries or concerns. But please be reminded to keep its charging cap closed to keep the device watertight.

📻 Youmoon Solar-powered Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Source: Desert Cart

Are you often worried that your speakers will run out of batteries whenever you need it while outdoors?

If yes, then you need a reliable solar speaker. Fortunately, Youmoon Solar-Powered Bluetooth speaker can help.

It combines music and eco-friendly power into a tiny package and has more playback modes compared to other devices of similar types.

Youmoon solar speaker is designed for all outdoor users and has the IPX4-rated. This device is definitely rugged while being dust-proof and waterproof. The speaker is also equipped with silicone case that you can adjust in 360 degrees rotation. It is a great music box for your family and friends’ outdoor excursion.


Crafted like a small square alarm clock, the Youmoon speaker measures almost 6 x 2.3 inches and weighs only 10.4 ounces. It is designed for outdoor use and it’s IPX4-rated, making it rugged, dust-proof and water-resistant. It is equipped with silicone case and stainless steel bracket with 360 degrees rotation. It is great for any outdoor activity or just lounging by the pool.


Apart from its portable design, the Youmoon device also comes with notable features that made it one of the top-rated solar speakers in the market. For more information, continue reading below.

Solar Panel and Batteries – The device is equipped with a high efficiency monocrystalline solar panel. You can use the solar panel to charge its 600 mAH built-in lithium battery. It has a charge time of approximately 3 hours while a working time of 4 hours for music and 10 hours talk time. The speaker can survive 6 hours on a single charge. You can keep it solar panel side-up for charging while playing.

Latest Bluetooth Technology – The device can connect to most Bluetooth-enabled devices in 3 seconds. For its outstanding connection range, it can cover up to 33 feet.

Other Features – Aside Bluetooth connectivity, Youmoon solar wireless speaker can also play music through a 32 GB micro-SD card or in the wired mode via a 3.5-millimeter auxiliary port, which is very useful when your phone runs out of charge.

Separately from the power button, the device is also equipped with volume, call and mode buttons. The mode allows you to switch between Bluetooth, aux and SD-card playback but an indicator to tell which mode the speaker is in is currently unavailable.The call button, on the other hand, can be used for Play/Pause while the volume buttons can be used to skip tracks.


The Youmoon Solar-powered Bluetooth speaker may be small but it brags its full, high-definition sound. Through its 5W-audio driver and passive subwoofer, the device also promises to deliver impressive and crystal clear sound quality, as well as robust bass. There is also no distortion at the top volume while the treble-based tracks do not get harsh either. However, bass-heavy tracks or songs profuse with instrument tones will not be played with the same refinement as normal speakers.

  • Compact and portable
  • Has micro-SD card slot
  • Comes with a stand-cum-hanger
  • Amiable sound
  • Volume range is average
  • Cannot bear direct sunlight

Despite some sound and volume quality issues, the Youmoon Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker is durable and is perfect for outdoor use, even near water. It is very easy to pair and operate. So, if you are in search of a speaker that is waterproof and solar-powered, this device is a good choice.

📻 Eton Rukus XL Solar-powered Wireless Sound System

Source: Craziest Gadgets

The Eton Rukus XL solar-powered wireless system might be quite a bit bulky for your taste or for other speakers available, though it adds considerable audio capabilities.

So, if you want a picnic into a party or a simple barbecue to a big blowout, the device could deliver blasting entertainment.

With its super-sized and highly efficient solar panel, it promises to offer both the music and the fun.


Even though this solar speaker does not promise a stylish urbanite sound solution, the wedge-shaped Eton Rukus XL solar wireless speaker emanates a deliberate appeal of utility and durability. For its dimension, it measures 14.5 x 8.1 x 5.2 inches (36.8 x 20.6 x 13.3 centimeters) and weighs 7 pounds (3.175 kilograms), making it hard to take along during hiking trips. It is rugged and IPX4 splashproof.


As this wireless speaker exudes durability and utility, the device is also equipped with notable features that made it one of the most highly suggested solar speakers in the market today. So, read the product information below.

Solar Panel – Located on the back side of the device, the extra-large solar plate can be lifted off its hinges to position it toward the sun so both the panel and the drivers will face the same side. The center panel has an elastic band and a compartment for your phone storage and it can be closed to protect it from the sun. As for its charging time under direct sunlight, it will take 5 hours for the device to be fully charged.

Batteries and Other Features – This solar speaker is also equipped with a built-in lithium battery that can play music for 8 hours. It has also a battery charge indicator and its AC adapter can be used for nonstop entertainment all day long.

In addition, a button array is situated at the top of the speaker housing the power button, the volume buttons, the Play/Pause and track navigation buttons, not to mention the Bass Button, which is used to switch to the bass mode. The ports for charging and auxiliary input, on the other hand, are near the base on one side.

It also comes with an integrated handle to easily move around, a handy storage compartment to secure your device while it’s charging. With its latest Bluetooth technology, you can stream your music from any Bluetooth-enabled devices. In just one click, you can wirelessly connect to smartphones, tablets or PC without any hassles, making the jamming more convenient.


With a power handling ability of 22 Watts through 8 speaker drivers (2 tweeters, 2 woofers, and 4 passive radiators), the sound quality is as good as one of those full-size party speakers. It has the powerful bass presence remains in its boundaries while the midrange is warm with vocal concentration and treble detailing is spot-on. Last but not the least, it has a bass boost.

  • Warm, clear and balanced sound
  • Powerful max volume
  • Solar plate can be kept in any orientation
  • Has a power bank and a cell phone cabinet
  • Bass boost mode for extra bass
  • Affordable
  • Heavy and a bit bulky
  • Bluetooth keeps devices on a short leash
  • Lowest bass response underwhelming

Overall, the Eton Rukus XL Solar-powered Wireless Sound System boasts its powerful, well-balanced sound signature that has a class of its own. Its sun-powered endurance and capable driver make the device an excellent choice for any outdoor party entertainment. Even though it’s bulky and quite heavy, it has an audio response of a full-fledged speaker.

📻 Braven BRV-PRO+SOLAR Bluetooth Speaker


If you are looking for a solar-powered speaker that delivers robust sound and powerful bass projection, the Braven BRV-Pro Bluetooth speaker is a perfect choice. A competitive speaker in its price range, it can be converted into a solar speaker.

It is also one of the highly suggested speakers that have earned rave reviews from credible publications including Popular Mechanics, Daily Mail, Business Insider, Engadget, Digital Trends and Android Guys.


Combined with its IPX7 waterproof rating and resilient aluminum housing, the Braven BRV-Pro+ Solar Bluetooth Speaker brags its rugged design that can be ideal for steep mountain peaks, rushing currents and desert drifts. With its weatherproof design, you can take your adventure to the next level with a fully loaded solar-powered Bluetooth speaker.As for its dimension, the device measures 6.4 x 1.5 x 2.8 inches. It weighs 1.44 pounds.


Considered the world’s most rugged and versatile solar-powered Bluetooth speaker, this device is equipped with impressive features. Some of which are listed below.

Power – When it comes to power specifications, the speaker is equipped with ON/OFF buttons, a 2,200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a solar charging panel, which is connected on the top and can be opened upwards similar to a hinged door. It has up to 30 hours of playtime and a battery life of 15 hours per charge on average volumes. With the solar panel up, it can go on forever.

At the edges of the speaker’s top face, you can find the volume buttons, play, and power buttons. The volume buttons can work as track navigation controls too. Aside from having access to music all day long, it can also charge your smartphone or portable MP3 player.

Connectivity, Wireless Range, and Other Features – It can connect to most Bluetooth-enabled devices with a wireless range of 100 feet or 30 meters. The device also has a 3.5-millimeter stereo input, the micros-USB, USB-out and the auxiliary input port.In cases when you want to take calls, its solar Bluetooth speaker has speakerphone functionality.

Customization – If you want to customize your device, Braven will allow you. For your BRV-PRO, you can choose a wide range of accessories from the BRV ecosystem such as threaded mounts, swappable housing covers, and modular features, among many others.


When it comes to the audio quality, the Braven BRV-PRO Bluetooth Speaker will hit 85 to 88 decibels (dB)of sound level without any distortion. Unfortunately, it lacks the bass impact similar while midrange is slightly forward and the audio response is clear while it provides good treble detail.

  • Powerful audio with clean midrange and good treble detail
  • Weatherproof, Rugged, Waterproof Design
  • Can be used without the solar panel
  • Has speakerphone and power bank
  • Works with a wide range of outdoor-focused accessories
  • Lacks deep bass
  • Digital signal processing impacts dynamics

If you are searching for a high quality, portable and waterproof solar-powered Bluetooth speaker, then the Braven BRV-PRO is one of the best choices. Aside from its impressive audio output, it is also compatible with multiple accessories, including GoPro mounting system.

📻 Goal Zero 94013 Rock Out 2 Black Solar Rechargeable Speaker

Source: Goal Zero

If you are a picky adventurous audiophile, then the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar Speaker will definitely pass your preference.

Even though it has a smaller size compared to other speakers, it is one that has too many features.

There’s even an option for you to charge the speaker from a laptop, power outlet, or wall adapter using the built-in USB cable(for 2 hours).

Crafted for style and convenience, this outdoor speaker is designed to encase your phone. It also appears like a toiletry bag and weighs 15 ounces. Measuring 7 inches long, the speaker is built with a weatherproof outer shell to withstand all the Nature will throw. With its roomy and fabric-lined pocket, it allows you to keep your gear safe inside.


As mentioned above, the device is one of the best solar speakers available in the market that offers several special features. So, please check out the product specs below for a more detailed information about the product.

Solar Panel and Batteries – The Rock Out 2 Solar Speaker is equipped with the highly efficient monocrystalline solar panel that will ensure you can play you music all day. It also has 800 mAh lithium battery that will allow you to continue playing music for more than 10 hours on a single charge. You can also charge your speaker from a laptop or wall adapter for 2 hours using the built-in USB cable.

Advanced Bluetooth Connectivity and DarkBass Chamber – When it comes to Bluetooth pairing, you can easily connect with just one touch, making it a perfect hands-free device. As for the big sound DarkBass chamber, it delivers massive airflow for deep, precise sound without the bulk.

Other Features – The device also has Play/Pause, volume and track navigation button controls, a USB and an auxiliary cord. A mesh pocket can hold a normal sized phone. The auxiliary cable can be used to daisy chain two speakers and mirror the music. In addition, there is a bungee cord running around the speaker, as well as a foolproof attachment that can be used to hang the speaker on the handle of the bike or your bag. Lastly, it has a built-in waterproof microphone.


With its two 40-millimeter, 4-Watt drivers, the Goal Zero 94013 Rock Out 2 Black Solar Rechargeable Speaker delivers a full-range of precise sound for an incomparable stereo experience, even when outdoors.

  • Compact and portable
  • Has a compartment for phone storage
  • Good battery life
  • Audio quality could be improved

If you are looking for a perfect companion for your outdoor adventures, then the Goal Zero 94013 Rock Out 2 Black Solar Rechargeable Speaker is a good choice. Aside from its great concept and convenience, it delivers clearly audible, natural and balanced sound quality.

Other Recommended Solar Speakers

If you are still looking for more highly suggested solar speakers, you may check out these models — Eton Rugged Rukus Solar-Powered, Bluetooth-Ready, Smartphone-Charging Speaker, MicroSolar Portable Bluetooth Speaker and ION Audio Solar Stone Wireless Solar-Rechargeable Outdoor Speakers, among many others. As for some of the coolest-designed speakers, you may check out SunnySong, Carrot Solar Speaker and Gramo Solar-Powered Speakers.

Factors To Consider In Buying Solar Speakers

Source: Geeky Gadgets

Just like any solar-powered gadgets, choosing the best solar speakers could be hard at times. So, to help you make a smart choice, here are the important factors to consider when buying solar speakers.

1. Audio or Sound Quality

The sound or audio quality is undeniably one of the most important concerns when it comes to choosing the best quality speakers. Since it’s a given fact that most solar-powered speakers concentrated on integrating the solar panel on the devices, there are times that manufacturers tend to forget to prioritize delivering good music. Hence, it’s best to choose the speakers that can play generally soothing and good quality audio regardless of the music genres.

2. Charging Capability

It’s important to take note that the performance of a solar panel is dependent on its size, meaning the bigger the solar panel, the better. In addition, the orientation also matters as it should be able to absorb direct sunlight without losing the quality or audio volume.

3. Weather-Resistance

The weatherproof design of a solar speaker is also an important factor to consider in choosing the best one on the market. So, be sure to choose the speaker that is physically strong and resistant to all weather conditions and natural elements like water and extreme heat.

4. Features

Aside from the aforementioned factors, extra features can also help as a determining factor in choosing a solar speaker. These extra features such as a flashlight, battery bank, speaker phone and radio can just be added perks but it can also make life easier.

5. Cost or Budget

The budget or cost of a solar Bluetooth speaker is another important factor. Most of us, in most instances even consider the price over the quality. However, you also need to remember that the best solar speaker is not dependent on its price. There are tons of affordable items that are as good as the expensive ones. So, it’s best to choose a device that suits your budget, as well as your needs.


The evolution of modern technology has become a common situation nowadays. One of the greatest technological advancement is letting music be heard even when we are outside and one with nature. That’s why solar speakers are definitely game changers.

Since speakers have the power to brighten the whole place with soul-wrenching tunes and allow audiophiles to be in a state of pure enjoyment and happiness, solar-powered speakers does not only promise to deliver the best quality sound at all times but also vows to bring green music without the guilt adding significant amount of pollutants to the environmen

5 Top-Rated Camping Solar Panels Of 2017

Top Solar Camping Panels
Top Solar Camping Panels
source: energy matters

If you are an adventure junkie like me, then going camping may also appeal to your senses. But are we also similar when it comes to worrying about our gadgets running out of power?

If like me, you are concerned about losing power while staying outdoors, worry no more because these innovative and portable camping solar panels can be lifesavers for us. Through the use of photovoltaic cells, which absorb sunlight during the day to charge the batteries, outdoor enthusiasts like us can now enjoy thrilling adventures without having to worry about our devices running out of power.

These solar panels also come handy during emergency or power outages caused by natural calamities or disasters. And I found these solar panels useful in charging up my must-have gadgets such as mobile phones, camera, laptop or tablet and my kindle whenever I’m out for a great outdoor adventure.

So, if you are looking for camping solar-powered panels to add on your camping gear must-haves, then you came at the right place. Listed below is a comprehensive list and need-to-know facts about the 5 top-rated camping solar panels in the market today.

Comparison Table of the Best Solar Panels on the Market

NameRatingWeightWarrantyPrice Check
RAVPower 16W Dual USB Solar Charger4.623. 9 oz1 yearPrice Check
Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit4.12.6 poundsNot Indicated (Contact Manufacturer)Price Check
Anker PowerPort Solar Lite 15W4.312.48 ozNot Indicated (Contact Manufacturer)Price Check
14 Watt SunJack Solar Charger4.41.76 poundsNot Indicated (Contact Manufacturer)Price Check
ECEEN 10W Zip Pack Solar Panel Charger4.20.8 poundsNot Indicated (Contact Manufacturer)Price Check

5 Best Solar Panels On The Market

To cut your research time short, you can find below the solar panels that you should consider. These devices have proven its efficiency to thousands of different users already, including me, of course.

1. RAVPower 16W Solar Charger with Dual iSmart USB Ports

If you are looking for a certified eco-friendly solar panel device, then this is a perfect model for you. This allows you to charge portable electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. With its iSmart technology, it ensured the most efficient and fastest charging time.


The RAVPower 16W Dual USB Solar Charger is made with a waterproof and mold-resistant sewn rugged polyester canvas, which makes it a weather-resistant device that you could rely on when you need it most. It is equipped with 4 practical hooks to absorb more sunlight and 2 iSmart USB ports ideal for charging.

Its smaller but powerful design makes it ideal for most adventurous and outdoor activities such as backpacking, camping, hiking and cycling.  This device only weighs 23.9 ounces with a dimension of 31.89 x 10.24 inches when unfolded and 7.48 x 10.24inches when folded.

Its foldable and easy-to-carry design is perfect for outdoor adventures and activities. Its dual USB port design allows us to recharge two devices simultaneously.


Considered one of the best and efficient solar phone chargers in the market, it boasts an impressive list of features and functionality. Aside from utilizing the freely available solar power efficiently, it is highly durable and provides optimal charging current to the devices attached to it. For more features, continue reading below.

High Energy Conversion – The device’s highly efficient solar cells can convert the solar power into free energy for up to 21.5 to 23.5 percent. Despite depending on amount and quality of sun rays absorbed, it can still rapt an energy whether in sunny or cloudy skies.

Compact Size – If you are looking for a lightweight and portable device you can carry anywhere you go, then this is a perfect device for you. It is one of the most compact solar chargers that is available today thanks to its lightweight foldable format.

Practical Hooks – Equipped with 4 practical hooks, the device can be hooked up to your backpack, tent or even the nearest tree to easily get as much sunlight or power as possible.

iSmart and Smart IC Technology – With the cutting-edge combination of iSmart and Smart IC frequency technologies, the RAVPower solar panel can recognize the individual input of all connected devices to provide optimal charging current while minimizing the charging time. Moreover, it distributes the total current output accordingly for up to 3.2 Amperes.

  • Compact and Easy-to-Use
  • Good efficiency
  • Durable
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Convenient for Storage
  • iSmart Technology and2 USB ports auto adjust to correct output
  • 3 Amperes Total Output (unusual but great since solar panels often have a maximum rating of 2 Amperes)
  • Velcro on pocket is weak so it’s not so great for big devices
  • Voltage is not quite 5V (appears fluctuating from 4.75-5V)
  • Couldn’t get 100 percent of 15W out of it
  • Heavy for backpacking

Overall, the RAVPower 16W Dual USB Solar Charger is indeed one of the top-rated camping solar panels today. It seems cumbersome but well-built and stitching is decent while the panels are secure. It’s a must-have for every outdoor adventure seekers as it doesn’t take a lot of space, easy-to-use, charges quite fast under direct sunlight, charges in cloudy skies and very durable. Whether you’re living off-grid or traveling, this lifesaving device can make every outdoor trip stress- and hassle-free.

2. Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit

Considered a “conduit for exploration and a lifeline to adventure,” the Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit will allow you to power up your portable electronic gadgets regardless of the type of weather you’re experiencing. With the Nomad 7 Solar Panel,it is one of the most efficient solar devices that are truly weather- and water-resistant. It is also versatile and very durable device perfect for any outdoor voyages.


Designed to be an all-around, greatest, most rugged and smart power pack in the market, Goals Zero’s product development team made sure to focus its attention on the various electronic and mechanical features of the device. Hence, they created a tough and weatherproof solar panel that would be compatible with any rechargeable devices out there.

The company also tweak some tricks with the lights and various operating modes to make the device different from the rest of the solar panels available in the market today. Specifically designed for rugged outdoorsman, the device can also be used by people who need to rely on these kind of things exposed in harsh environments.

Made with an IPX6 weatherproof-rated materials, the device weighs at 250 grams and has a dimension of 4.5 x 3.25 x1 inches (11.4 x 8.25 x 2.5 centimeters). To get to know and understand the device better, check out the Venture 30 User Guide PDF file.


Straight from Goal Zero’s engineering team, the Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit is equipped with a wide range of electronic and mechanical features that made it unique from other solar panels available. Earning the certifications from CE, FCC and ROHS, the product indeed has an impressive list of specifications, check it out below.

Charging and Solar Panel–This device is solar-ready with a built-in charging tip. It can be charged in 9 hours under direct sunlight through the kit’s Nomad 7 solar panel while 4 hours from a 2A USB source.

As for its Nomad 7 Solar Panel, it has a 7-watt (8-9V) solar capacity with a maximum power output of 5 watts (USB 1A). It weighs 460 grams and has a monocrystalline cell type. This super lightweight, weatherproof and portable device allows you to power up handheld USB/12V gadgets straight from the sun and by using the Goal Zero kit, you can now store power to charge your electronic and rechargeable devices anytime, anywhere.

Power Pack – Aside from the Nomad 7 Solar Panel, the kit also includes a 30Wh (3.7 V, 7,800 mAh) power pack with a Lithium ion NMC cell chemistry and a LG chem/Samsung’s 18650 cell type.

High-Speed USB 4.8 across Dual Ports – These two high-speed ports are capable of distributing the fastest charge possible, at the same time. It can also power up two devices simultaneously and with its Integrated Flood Charge, it ensures to optimize your charging time. For its USB port (output), it has a regulated 5V, up to 2.4A (12W max).

Built-in Micro USB Tip and Light Indicator– This tangle-free feat is intended for charging mobile phones and tablets. Thanks to its certified cables, the device boasts its efficient charging ability. For its USB-micro port (input), it’s 5V, up to 2.1A (10.5W max). It also has a 150 lumen flashlight and battery level indicator.

  • Versatile and powerful
  • Has good power-to-weight ratio
  • Well-integrated system
  • Truly reliable, weather-resistant and waterproof
  • Highly ruggedized
  • Efficient solar panel
  • Usable when wet
  • Expensive
  • Lower wattage solar panel
  • Do not charge fast enough
  • Short Life

Design-wise, the Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit is one of the top choices so far. It is also the most thoughtful solar panel with impressive features and has the ability to charge newer versions of smartphones and tablets. With its Smart Charge feature, it talks to your device and maximizes the current.

So, if you choose this solar panel kit for your camping needs, then you can attach it easily to your backpacks or to a nearby tree. It can also survive the rough natural conditions without affecting its performance.

3. Anker 15W Foldable Dual Port Solar Panel

One of the top picks when it comes to solar panel options, the Anker PowerPort Solar Lite 15W is simply exceptional. It earned its top-rated spot for being a well-made, high-quality and reliable product, It is simple and easy-to-use yet delivers outstanding performance, making it a good investment.


Made from industrial-strength PET (polyethylene terephthalate) polymer thin film, this device is sewn into high-wear polyester canvas to ensure that it can withstand the rugged conditions of going outdoors. Designed for extreme portability and compactness, it has a size dimension of 11 x 6.3 x 0.7 inches (280 x 160 x 19 millimeters) when folded and 18.9 x 11x 0.2 inches(460 x 280 x 44 millimeters ) when spread out.

The product also boasts its ultra-light design, weighing only at 12.5 ounces or 355 grams. In addition, its slim foldable design is a perfect fit for any backpacks or daypacks.


With Anker’s revolutionary portable solar technology, it’s not surprising to learn the company has boosted their efforts in bringing the most powerful and durable solar devices on the market. Hence, they improved its 14W Dual Port Solar Panel to become the Anker PowerPort Solar 15W and the other version called Anker 21W PowerPort Solar.

As we take a closer look to the Anker PowerPort Solar 15W, let’s check on the product’s specifications and features.

Output Power and Off-The-Grid Power – This device is equipped with 15W dual solar panels, which provide a maximum current of 2.1 amperes that are distributed between its two ports. As for its Off-The-Grid Power, it offers free limitless power by simply spreading the solar panels or attach to your backpack daypack and start recharging your electronic gadgets.

Fast Charging Technology – With Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ technology, it replicates your device’s original charging protocol to optimize its fastest possible charging speed under enough direct sunlight.

Advanced Safety Feature – Another notable feature of the product is its advanced safety capability. This feat simply means the device is fortified with short circuit and surge protection technology that will surely keep you and your devices safe and sound.

Convenience, Portability and Versatility – Considered one of the easiest panels to use, the newly improved Anker solar panel is lighter, more compact and more powerful compared to its predecessor. With its sewn loops of parachute cord, the panel is easier to hang on tents, camper trailers or protruding nails. Unfortunately, it may not be durable in terms of long term use.

With the power combination of convenience, portability and versatility, the Anker PowerPort Solar Lite is perfect for outdoor explorations and activities such as camping, backpacking, hiking and kayaking, among many others.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Simple
  • Powerful
  • Light
  • Small accessory storage can’t hold an average smartphone

If you seek to have the independence of charging things with free energy, the Anker 15W Foldable Dual Port Solar Panel is perfect for you. This durable and functional device is worth every penny you spend on it and believe it or not, this Anker product outplayed all the other panels of similar type. My best advice, see it, try and test it, and let us know how this camping solar panel became a game changer in your life.

4. 14 Watt SunJack Solar Charger

In choosing to go green or using solar-powered devices, one question that often comes to our mind is what is the best solar panel available in the market? With this question comes a lot of answers and choices but it is best to choose something that really suits your needs and of course, your budget. Fortunately, SunJack is bringing power to the people through its 14Watt Solar Charger.

So, are you ready or prepared when the grid goes down or when power runs out? If you have the 14 Watt SunJack Solar Charger, then you don’t have to worry about power outages as it charges devices flawlessly and as fast as an outlet charger.


Despite its small package, the 14 Watt SunJack Solar Charger is designed to provide a good bit of power. It is also made of lightweight but durable materials and can be easily tucked into a backpack. It is also designed to be shock, vibration and weather-resistant.

With its 0.8 kilograms unit weight, this product is simply designed for portability and convenience, noting its folded unit size of 9 x 6.5 x 1.75 inches (23 x 16.5 x 4.5 centimeters) that is similar to an iPad. When unfolded, it has a unit dimension of 9 x 31 x 1 inches (23 x 79 x 2.5 centimeters).

Moreover, the device is equipped with a mesh bag, which is located behind the charger. The bag is where the battery, charging cable and USB ports are stored.


SunJack has attracted the attention of the world due to its humanitarian efforts and their products powerful charging speeds. As they bring more power to the people, they also make their products as a personal companion to all outdoorsman out there. And with its products’ impressive features, one could never go wrong when purchasing its camping solar panels.

Charging – This 4-panel device is equipped with 14 watts of high efficiency monocrystalline solar panels (19 percent solar cells) with a maximum voltage or current output of 5V (Volts)/1.5A (Amperes). When exposed to direct sunlight (2000 LUX), it can fully charge its internal battery in about 5 hours, which is enough to power up four smartphones or 1 tablet.

During partly cloudy times (500-750 LUX), the device can still power up a light bulb for more than three hours.

Battery – This SunJack solar panel has an 8,000 mAh lithium-polymer Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 battery. It also features a 5 LED light indicator with each light represents 20 percent of battery life.

Additional Special Features – The solar panel also comes with some added special features so that you won’t need to order extra accessories such as a fast-charge cable, carabiner clips and weatherproof case. It also has eye loops for mounting or hanging on backpacks, trees or clotheslines.

  • Small, Lightweight and Durable
  • Ability to power or charge two devices simultaneously without lagging
  • Provides Steady, Fast and Reliable Current
  • No bright colors or other features that will get the attention of radars or heat-seeking drones
  • Can be used anywhere with access to direct sunlight
  • Black covering causes the SunJack to build up heat when placed near a window in daylight hours
  • Non-waterproof design

If you seek for a device ideal for camping, traveling or for emergency purposes, the 14 Watt SunJack Solar Charger is highly recommended and is among the most top-rated products. With its versatility in terms of capacity, it can generate huge amounts of power in just a short period of time. Furthermore, its battery and solar cell technologies make the product more impressively designed for long term usage.

5. ECEEN 10W Zip Pack Solar Panels Charger (ECE-647 black)

Do you always feel disappointed when your gadgets are running out of power while you’re staying outdoors? If yes, then the ECEEN 10W Zip Pack Solar Panel Charger is good for you. It is one of the most advanced folding solar panel available in the market today but it’s smaller, lightweight and less expensive compared to the others with similar specifications.


With its zip pack design, this camping solar panel is easy to close and open as it is equipped with a zipper, making it effortlessly similar to a book. Made of durable and stretchy fabric, SUNPOWER solar cells and monocrystalline panels, this device is perfect for any outdoor activities and trips such as camping, hiking and traveling.

It is designed for convenience, flexibility, portability and lightness. In fact, it has a folding size of only 11.5 x 6 x 0.5 inches and a net weight of 0.8 pounds.


When it comes to solar-powered devices, perhaps one of the most popular or dominant brands that come to our mind is ECEEN. And if you’re looking for an alternative solar panel charger that is more inexpensive, then this product is for you!

Honestly, I am new to solar-powered stuff but since going green is the latest trend, it wouldn’t hurt to try these kind of devices as well, not to mention its positive impact on the environment. So, this device was one of those I’ve tried and it’s pretty impressive! With its portable design and durable construction, it’s ideal for any outdoorsman out there. So, for its list of features, please see below.

Highly Efficient Solar Panels – This product boasts high efficiency as one of its main features. Thanks to its SUNPOWER solar cells and two monocrystalline solar panels, it can absorb solar energy up to 22 percent efficiency. With its high conversion solar charging technology, it allows you to keep your electronic devices charged with free solar power.

Stable Output – In addition to high efficiency, the ECEEN 10W Zip Pack Solar Panels Charger is also equipped with an exceptional voltage regulator that intended to ensure stable voltage and current. The regulator is also designed to protect your device while charging.

Speaking of stable output, the solar panel’s premium USB output is designed to support the simultaneous charging of 5V devices in 1.5A total (MAX).

Other Added Features – Apart from the aforementioned features, this device is also equipped with well-placed 14 ribbon hooks that enable easy attachment to backpacks with 4 free carabiners (a specialized type of metal loop used to reversibly connect components just like a hook) included. Moreover, it also has well-positioned 5 x 8-inch stretchy fabric pocket that is perfect for storing your cell phone, cable, keys or many other small parts. Lastly, it includes a 40-centimeter USB cable.

  • Affordable
  • Portable, Lightweight, Durable and Foldable
  • High Efficiency
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Well-built
  • It will be not charging your device if the sun not strong enough or if there will be a heavy cloudy day.

All in all, this is an easy-to-use and high-quality camping solar panel with a good concept. If you’re looking for something inexpensive, this device could be a total lifesaver when traveling, hiking or in any other outdoor trips.

Other Highly Suggested Camping Solar Panels

Aside from the aforementioned top rated products, there are also devices you can try that may suit your needs and preferences. Check out the list below.

  1. Instapark Mercury 10M18U with Battery–Considered the best buy, this panel charger boasts its portable solar technology. It’s easy-to-use, versatile, lightweight and affordable. With 10 watts of power and two USB ports, it is an excellent choice to power up small electronic devices. The Instapark Mercury 10M18U Battery is also equipped with several pockets that are ideal for storing mobile phones, cables and an extra battery.
  2. AllPOwers 10W Portable Solar Panel Charger–This two-panel solar charger is well-rated and powerful yet inexpensive, highly portable and compact. Made of highly efficient (22-25 percent) monocrystalline silicon, its PET-laminated sunpower panels are sewn into high-wear PVC fabric for weather-resistant outdoor durability. This solar panel is also equipped with iSolar technology that automatically adjust the current and voltage to guarantee maximum power and deliver the fastest charge, not to mention its voltage regulator to ensure the current’s stability and prolong its life.

3. Brunton Power Essentials Kit-Explorer 2 Solar Panel with Inspire Power Pack – Perfect for camping, this lightweight, foldable and compact device offers a lot of functionality even with an under $100 tag price. It charges directly but only has a USB output, which is ideal for most if not all portable electronic devices. Taking its price into consideration, this is a great value option.

Need-To-Know Facts

Meanwhile, it’s an undeniable fact today that we depend more on our hand-held electronic devices for emergencies, to stay in touch with our families or to our jobs and for our entertainment. When going outdoors, it is also nice to have the security and comfort of these devices with us.

With that said, the need for solar-powered technologies is highlighted. But thanks to these solar panels, going outdoors is now done with ease, stress- and worry-free, and without any hassle to find a power source in the middle of nowhere. But what exactly are solar panels? Learn more about these devices in the next section.

What are Solar Panels?

What are Solar Panels
source: wisegeek

Solar panels are devices, which come in a variety of rectangular shapes, designed to absorb sunlight as a source of energy and convert it to electricity or heat. These usually come with a photovoltaic module that generates and supplies solar electricity in commercial and residential applications.

Today, most solar panels are portable and are equipped with USB slots that can be used to directly to charge handheld electronic devices. They are also designed to withstand rough use and almost all types of weather conditions.

How Does Solar Panels Work?

How Solar Panels Work
source: renewableenergyhub

Due to the drastic effect of climate and global warming, it is already a given fact that alternative energy sources such as the solar energy have been highly advocated in recent years. And with that said, it’s no longer surprising to see houses, commercial establishments and even roadside signs adorned with solar panels. But do you know how solar panels work?

Based on the simplest explanation on how these devices work, a solar panel uses photons (light particles) to knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity. Solar panels are composed of smaller units called photovoltaic (the ability to convert sunlight into electricity) cells, which are basically made up of two slices of semi-conducting material, usually silicon.

Why are Solar Panels Important?

Aside from the fact that going green is the latest trend nowadays, choosing to use solar panels whether at home, at work or going outdoors provides several benefits. Hence, it has been touted promising and important in our society.

To sum it up, solar panels are essential because they provide pollution-free power sources, reduce air pollution from coal power plants, conserve resources, preserve habitats affected by mining, reduce the need for nuclear power, lessen financial costs of electricity and generate energy independence.

Solar Panels Vs. Generator

Solar Generator vs gas generator
source: portable solar power

Before the emergence of solar panels is the common use of generators, which are often used to charge or power up devices or even an entire household when electricity runs out. However, these are usually noisy, smelly, bulky and heavy, and more challenging to transport. In some camping grounds, the use of generators is also not allowed.

Solar panels, on the other hand, are eco-friendly, silent and easy-to-use. It also comes in smaller sizes, making it easier to transport, not to mention it does not produce odors like of gas or kerosene.

BUYER’S GUIDE: Factors to Consider when Buying a Solar Panel
Just like any other devices, choosing the perfect camping solar panel that suits your needs require several factors to consider. Overall, we look for products based on the criteria of quality, performance and convenience but there also other important things to take note.

1. Charging Power or Power Ratings and Output Power

One of the few things to consider when buying solar panels is charging power or power ratings. So, check carefully the list of compatible devices, how fast the charging time is or if it is charging from the reserve battery or directly, how much power it can provide in a day or how many devices it can charge simultaneously.

Output power, on the other hand, means checking the watt rating and the highest output power of the panel.

2. Portability

Another factor to consider is portability. Gone are the days where big and bulky devices are in as the competition is now more on the smaller, the better precept. In fact, various manufacturers are going up against each other to create the simplest, most lightweight and very compact solar panels in the market. So, check its dimensions or whether it is foldable or not.

3. Ease of Use or Usability

The “ease of use” or the usability factor simply means looking into the overall quality of the product, which could comprise many things such as the charge level indication, materials used, the inclusion of hooks or carabiners for easy attachment or if the panels can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. In addition, ease of use may also include checking if the device is water-, scratch- or mold-resistant.

4. Versatility

For consumers, a product’s versatility could be two things — either significant or irrelevant. However, if you are looking for a camping solar panel that can power up a laptop or other devices apart from your smartphone, then versatility is an essential thing to ponder. You may also ask if the device has an option for night charging or maybe if you can charge it while you’re on the go.

5. Efficiency

Apart from the aforementioned factors, the efficiency of the solar panels is also a vital criterion to take note. In terms of transmission efficiency, the portable solar panels today offer an average rating between 21 and 25 percent. However, there are also panels that provide 15 to 19 percent efficiency. One of the most important things to remember, however, is the fact that the higher the efficiency rating means a pricier cost.

6. Warranty

As you search for the most top rated camping solar panels. Keep in mind to consider the warranty length of the product. The reason? The longer the warranty means the manufacturer is more confident in their product’s quality, durability and longevity.

7. Cost or Price

The last but certainly not the least of all the factors to consider when choosing a camping solar panel is the price or cost of the product. If you have a budget, then better choose a product based on it and on your needs. But one piece of advice, its best to do a thorough research first before buying as there’s a wide price gap in solar panels. It is also good to check out different panels for discounts.


Taking into consideration the factors, your own preferences and needs, it is best to choose the most powerful, lightweight, compact and compatible solar panels to your devices while remaining cost efficient. Remember, going green and preserving the environment means spending less. Always remember to choose based on quality, performance and convenience.

So, are you ready to take a pick? Have you used any of the devices mentioned above? Share your experience with us below to help other readers decide.

For more info about Solar Energy Powered Devices, check out these articles: Best Solar Camping Lanterns of 2017, Best Solar Panels for Phone Chargers, Best Solar Powered Outdoor Lights, and the Best Solar Samsung and iPhone Chargers.

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